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4 Things That Could Happen When You Start Practicing Yoga

We all know that regular yoga practice can help improve one’s flexibility and bring about stress relief.  Given how stressful life is these days, it’s not surprising to know that more and more people are practicing yoga to help alleviate stress. But the benefit of yoga goes beyond stress reduction and flexibility. Practicing yoga 5 times a […]

Camp Utopia Teacher Burn Out

Befriending The Shadow: Long Term Strategies for Teacher Burn Out By: Helen Stutchbury Director of Camp Utopia Yoga School Some days I find myself pausing for a moment somewhere in the middle of the first few breaths of class, wondering which way to go, and stuck, simply because I can’t think of a single pose […]


Tips for Teaching Your First Yoga Class

Congrats on finally completing your 200 hours of yoga teacher training!  You’re probably eager to help other people discover the yogic lifestyle. You’re prepared to go out there, stand in front of people and help them increase their knowledge about yoga. Some of you may have teaching gigs already lined up. Teaching your first yoga […]

3 Ways to Avoid Yoga Teacher Burnout

I’m going to admit it: I’m not always excited to teach a yoga class. Heck, I’m not always excited to do my own yoga practice. When I tell new teachers this there’s usually a stunned silence and then the questions: “But why are you a yoga teacher if you don’t always love yoga??” Or, “You […]

5 Ways to Eat Healthy No Matter How Busy You Are

Between work, family, household chores and other duties, finding the time and energy to eat healthy can feel impossible. It’s easy to succumb to eating granola bars for breakfast, fast food for lunch and take out for dinner. But what if I tell you that it’s possible to live a busy lifestyle and still eat […]


4 Myths Everyone Gets Wrong About Yoga

Yoga studios don’t often hand out fliers and leaflets that explain what yoga really is, along with the benefits one can get from regular practice. More often than not, people form a conclusion about it based on the pictures they see in magazines and online sites. As such, it is easy to paint a one-dimensional […]