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What are the Koshas? The 5 Layers of Being

What Are The Koshas? In yoga, we believe there are two different forms of the body – the physical body and the subtle body. Similar to the chakras, the koshas are one part of our subtle body and they provide a framework to journey to…
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10 Ways to Take Care of YOU this Fall

Happy Fall ya’ll!   I love this time of year with the changing seasons. The days are getting slightly darker and it reminds me that it’s time to take a little break and start nestling in for the winter.  It’s critical, now more…

10 Myths I Believed When I Started Teaching Yoga

This month, I celebrate my 10 year anniversary in the yoga and fitness industry. That’s a whole decade of helping people lose weight, live without pain and become healthier and happier.  It’s also a whole decade of making mistakes and learning…
5 Signs You’re Ready for Yoga Teacher Training

5 Signs You’re Ready for Yoga Teacher Training

Many seasoned yogis dance around the idea of enrolling in yoga teacher training at some point or another. After all, it seems like the next big step on your yoga journey. Unfortunately, majority of yogi’s decide not to push through with it…