Taking your 300 hour yoga teacher training is a large investment of time and money. But the investment is completely worth it! 

Here are the Top 10 reasons to get your 300 hour yoga teacher training.


Dive Into Yogic Tradition

It’s important to fully understand the roots of yoga and pay respect to the ancient tradition. Diving into yogic tradition will also help you develop a spiritual practice which can provide you with a source of strength and meaning in your life. At Shri School of Yoga, we believe that you are Spirit living in a human suit. Diving into your advanced yoga teacher training will help you connect with your Spirit and Self while honoring the ancient roots of the practice and lifestyle.


Stand Out as a Yoga Teacher

Did you know there are over 90,000 registered yoga teachers in the USA? It can be really hard to stand out among so many teachers. Getting your 300 hour yoga teacher training will set you apart from the majority of teachers. It’s a little like having your master’s degree in yoga.  

Not sure of the difference between a 200 vs a 300 RYT? Check out this article. 


Finally figure out if you’re doing the poses or other techniques correctly.

Before I took advanced training, I wondered if I was really teaching specific pranayama practices or advanced poses correctly. Being able to practice with a teacher and ask questions deepened my own practice and gave me the confidence to teach others.


Learn new techniques to manage your energy.

Even yoga teachers go through periods of stress, anxiety and depression and we can lose touch with our personal practice. Diving deep into a yoga teacher training will help remind you of the tools of yoga and how yoga will help you manage your energy and connect with your Self. 


Connect with a community of yoga teachers

Yoga teachers love talking to other yoga teachers. There’s nothing I love more than spending time with my yoga teacher friends. An advanced yoga teacher training gives you the opportunity to make new friends and connect with other yoga teachers.


Networking with new opportunities

Many yoga teacher trainings and studios like to hire from within because they know the quality of the teacher and what they will teach. At Shri School of Yoga, we also like to hire from within and give our graduates opportunities to teach and grow their business. Networking with other teachers is one of the biggest benefits to an advanced yoga teacher training.


Specialize and advance your skills

Niching down and specializing will help you stand out as a yoga teacher. You’ll be able to help more people, get more referrals and charge more for your services, turning your yoga dreams into a yoga business. But what is your specialty? In advanced yoga teacher training, your teachers will show you your strengths and give you more information on the market and how your specific skills can change the world. 


More anatomy knowledge

Whether you learned a lot about anatomy in your 200 or you’re just looking for a refresher course, more anatomy knowledge will help you teach safer classes, lead better private sessions, teach more workshops and engage more with your students. 


Learn from other’s who have been-there-done-that

Want to avoid making financial and time-consuming mistakes? Learn from others who have walked the path before! At Shri School of Yoga, we will share all of the lessons that we’ve made in our business as full-time yoga teachers. We can tell you everything we’ve learned from studio ownership and management, teaching internationally, event and workshop planning, running yoga teacher trainings and teaching yoga in-studio and beyond the studio.


Reconnect with your purpose of becoming a yoga teacher

If you’ve been teaching yoga for a while, you may be feeling burned out and exhausted. Taking a 300-hour yoga teacher training is a great way to connect with your purpose of why you became a yoga teacher. Reconnect with your passion and the spark of inspiration. Refill your cup so you can fill the cups of others around you.

I’m ready for my 300!  How do I choose a 300-hour yoga teacher training near me?

Some programs will be focused on a specific area of yoga. Depending on which niche you are inclined to choosing, you may prefer to go deeper into that subject. Also, make sure the program is following Yoga Alliance guidelines in order to receive your certification.

I would also recommend finding an instructor who is passionate about teaching and yoga!

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