Happy Fall ya’ll!  
I love this time of year with the changing seasons. The days are getting slightly darker and it reminds me that it’s time to take a little break and start nestling in for the winter. 

It’s critical, now more than ever, that we take care of ourselves and shine our brightest light forward. We must keep a positive mindset and focus on personal growth allowing our positive, bright light and love and energy to reach everyone that we touch. After all, A BETTER WORLD BEGINS WITH A BETTER YOU!

How do you improve your self and take BETTER care of YOU this Fall? 

Here are 10 ideas that will undoubtedly help you take better care of YOU (choose a few)…


1. Choose a day to completely unplug and enjoy the day. 

No guilt or shame allowed. Just allow yourself to indulge in taking care of YOU.

2. Go on a 20 minute walk 

After lunch and dinner and enjoy the foliage. You’ll stimulate your metabolism and digestion which tends to slow down during the winter months.

3. Declutter and remove anything you don’t need. 

We all need a good purge every now and then. Throw away old clothes, go through that messy “junk drawer” in your kitchen. My two favorite ways to declutter include detailing my car and throwing out old condiments from the fridge! Seriously, who needs 3 different ketchup bottles???????

4. Get a professional massage this month. 

Your body and mind will thank you!

5. Dig your cold weather clothes out of the closet. 

As you do this, give away summer clothes that you didn’t wear this year. Put some warm blankets on your bed. 

6. Let things go.  

There’s no better feeling than letting go of items you don’t need! I purge my to-do list every other month. Typically, I let to-do lists and magazines pile up telling myself I’ll get to them “someday.” Throwing them away releases all the guilt I store about never finding that “someday.”

7. Build healthy self-care habits. 

In Ayurveda, a daily care routine is known as Dinacharya. Building healthy daily habits helps improve your skin and digestion and makes you feel better inside and out. Follow me on IG for a 10-day Dinacharya challenge starting November 1!  Your skin and body will LOVE you!

8. Meditate or spend time in prayer. 

Increase your spiritual practice and connect.

9. Be grateful. 

When you leave the house each morning, take 5 seconds, pause, and say 1 thing you’re grateful for each day. Notice how this shifts your perspective on life.

10. Read a new book. 

In the fall and winter, it’s easy to get sluggish and watch TV every evening. Read a new book that can stimulate your mind while your body rests. What I’m reading now: 

Fiction: Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King

Non-Fiction: Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz – This book will CHANGE YOUR MINDSET!!