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Yoga teacher trainings are making a HUGE shift in the upcoming years due to the new Yoga Alliance standards. 

Many yoga teachers are not able to continue offering yoga teacher trainings unless they invest in a 500 hour certification and several more thousand hours of teaching. 

Even if you don’t want to get your E-RYT 500, you still have a lot to share and I believe you can serve your yoga community while still making money through 100-hour YOGA IMMERSIONS!! 

I believe that yoga immersions are the next big thing.

WHY Offer A Yoga Immersion?

Everyone is looking to learn more about yoga. Most of the people who attend yoga teacher training don’t ever want to teach. They are looking to deepen their practice. 

To work with those students, you don’t need to offer a 200-hour yoga teacher training, rather you can offer a deep dive into the yoga world through immersions. 

Let’s take your 200 hour yoga teacher training and turn it into a 100 hour immersion that will make you money and help you support and educate your students on their deeper journey into yoga. 

NOTE: you do NOT have to have a YTT program in order to implement this. Just follow along and design it as we move along. .

STEP 1: Break down your yoga teacher training into mini-workshops.

Look at the current curriculum for your yoga teacher training program. Every yoga teacher training is basically a series of workshops that we string together over a long period of time.

Break down all of your content into these 3 categories. 

  1. Anatomy
  2. Teaching Skills
  3. Deepen Your Experience

Your anatomy category will consist of anything related to Anatomy & Physiology. Your teaching skills category will consist of things that only teachers are really interested in knowing and need to know, like verbal cuing, hands-on adjustments, etc. Deepen Your Experience will consist of EVERYTHING ELSE! Because if it’s not teaching skills or anatomy, then it’s all part of deepening your journey. This would include things like Ethics, Chakras, Classical Texts, Sanskrit, 8 Limbs of Yoga, chanting, etc. 

All of the content under the “Deepen Your Experience” category is part of your 100-hour immersion! 

If you’re having a hard time with this, ask us in the Yoga Teacher Talk FB Group. We’d love to help you out!

STEP 2: Each topic under “Deepen Your Experience” is a workshop. 

Now, take each of these topics and choose how you want to structure the workshop to present the material. Do you want to offer a class series, a weekend, or just a few hours? Determine how much time you want to teach each topic. 

Set up each topic as normal workshops but also let people know these are part of a greater immersion. 

For example, you may title the workshop: “Meditation for Less Stress. Part of our 100-hour deepen your practice immersion.”  Or better yet- create one flyer listing ALL of the various workshops! 

In our next video, we will talk about how to price this 100-hour immersion and set it up as a package so people are more interested in buying the entire program!

Remember, your immersion is just a series of workshops strung together. 

Offer the content from your teacher training as a mini-workshops that are part of a 100-hour immersion to serve your community and generate more money as a yoga teacher or yoga studio!!



If you want to continue training yoga teachers and you’re willing to get your E-RYT 500, you can still follow this same format to help fill your whole teacher training!

You can implement this 100 hour immersion and offer an additional add-on for a 100-hour yoga teacher training!  

Remember, all of the pieces in your 100-hour immersion just came from your teacher training, now you just need to add 100 hours of teaching skills and anatomy to create a 200-hour yoga teacher training.

For example, Camp Utopia offers four weekends of teaching skills + 1 weekend of anatomy. Each weekend is 20-hours so they get 100 hours of training. When you combine this with the 100-hours of “deepening your experience,” you get the full 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training. 

In our Camp Utopia program, students can register for each workshop individually or they get a significant discount if they register for the entire 200-hour teacher training. They are required to attend all of the workshops and teaching skills weekends in order to graduate. 

How does this feel for you? Can you see how a teacher training is really just multiple workshops added together to create a full 200-hour program.

If you’re feeling stuck or like this system isn’t working for you, set up a consultation call and let’s work through these logistics together. I’d love to help you be successful!!


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