We all know that regular yoga practice can help improve one’s flexibility and bring about stress relief.  Given how stressful life is these days, it’s not surprising to know that more and more people are practicing yoga to help alleviate stress. But the benefit of yoga goes beyond stress reduction and flexibility. Practicing yoga 5 times a week can bring about several benefits.

Here are 4 things that could happen when you start practicing yoga.


You’ll sleep more deeply

Insomnia is common among American adults. If you find it difficult to sleep or to stay asleep at night, I recommend that you give yoga a try. Yoga will teach your breathing techniques that can help release stress and tension and make you feel calm and relaxed. This makes it easier for your mind to wander to sleep. Plus, it brings physical fatigue that helps you sleep more soundly.


You’ll become more mindful of the foods you eat

Sometimes, people are tempted to eat a lot after vigorous exercise and they overcompensate for the number of calories they lost. Yoga, on the other hand, makes you more mindful of the foods you eat. In fact, studies suggest that yoga can build up your defenses against the urge to go overboard. You feel so good about yourself that you don’t want to fill your body with chemicals.


You’ll become more confident

There are several yoga poses that are difficult for beginners. With regular practice, you become stronger and more flexible. Soon, you’ll be able to accomplish a pose that seemed so difficult in the past. This is one of the most gratifying feelings for a yogi. You become more confident while improving your posture and increasing your strength and flexibility.


You’ll have better posture

Slouching on the couch or hunching over your computer contributes to posture problems. Yoga can help improve your posture. Majority of the yoga poses requires you to keep your back straight or to stand tall. Regular yoga practice will train you to have a steady, balanced posture. Some posture problems stem from having a weak core. Some yoga poses help strengthen the abdominals, the spine and the muscles surrounding the spine.