Many seasoned yogis dance around the idea of enrolling in yoga teacher training at some point or another. After all, it seems like the next big step on your yoga journey. Unfortunately, majority of yogi’s decide not to push through with it because they are worried they will not make good teachers.

If you are reading this article, you are probably considering embarking on this road. So, how do you know when it’s time to lead?

Here are 5 signs you’re ready for yoga teacher training:


You are ready to grow

Yoga has awakened something in you and you’re looking to expand your own development. You’re yearning to deepen your practice and the idea of teaching excites you. You want to be all that you were meant to be in your life. A yoga teacher training will help you grow beyond your mat, physically, mentally and emotionally.


You are hungry to learn

You want to learn the deeper meaning of yoga. You can feel that yoga has more to teach you, and you want to quench your thirst for learning. Perhaps you’re looking to learn more asana, or expand into greater pranayama. Whatever you’re hungry to learn, a 200-hour yoga teacher training will give you more knowledge than a typical group yoga class. The better you understand yoga, the better you will be in your life.


You are passionate about yoga

You may not think of yourself as an expert. You may not have a lot of experience, but you want to share what’s in your heart. You are passionate about yoga and you want to share it with the world. If your dream involves inspiring others with your love of yoga, then you might just be a budding yoga teacher. The world needs passionate people like you.


You want to be around yogis

You enjoy the yoga community. You look forward to talking to regulars and enjoy encouraging beginners. You look forward to your next yoga class. The moment you walk through the door at your yoga studio, you feel at home. Imagine sharing 200 hours of training with a group of people just like you! Yoga teacher trainings are a magical sense of community.


You want to pay it forward

You want to give back to the teachers who have made a positive impact in your life by sharing the teaching of yoga to your family, friends and others. Yoga provides a path for service. You too can help people feel their best.