My name is allison rissel…

and I help yoga teachers stand out and feel confident so they can create classes, workshops and events that people tell their friends about.

If you’re struggling to get more students in your classes…

Worry about hurting your students or teaching something wrong…

Are looking to build a yoga business but don’t know where to start…

Are tired of teaching 25 classes a week and barely making any money…

Then I invite you to discover how Advanced Yoga Teacher Training (AYTT) can 

Improve your confidence and 

Build a yoga business you love 

— without having to pay tons of money to take lots of other specialty trainings.


Allison Rissel About Me
Why I’m a Fan of Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

Before I took advanced training, I felt unconfident in my teaching and wondered if I was hurting my students.

I was driving around and teaching countless classes that barely paid me enough to cover my driving expenses! 

I felt alone, frustrated and burned out. 

When I took advanced training, I felt like I finally found a community that helped me improve my skills and also connected me with growth opportunities. 

I finally knew if I was teaching the poses “correctly.” 

I could ask questions to a teacher community who had “been there done that.”

I created a better balance of energy in my own life that helped me handle injuries and burnout. 

All of this gave me the skills I needed to confidently stand out as a yoga teacher and create my own yoga biz so I could help more people through yoga. 

Now, I love helping other yoga teachers find that same confidence, growth and community. 

There are over 90,000 yoga teachers in the USA. 

With classes and yoga businesses shifting online, it’s harder than ever to stand out as a yoga teacher.

Join our workshops and teacher trainings and learn how you can stand out as a yoga teacher!

About Shri School of Yoga’s Teacher Training

Shri means Abundance. 

Our advanced training opportunities are designed to help you cultivate abundance in all areas of your life:

Abundance of knowledge

You’ll finally have the confidence to know “am I teaching this correctly?” You’ll get unlimited access to Shauna and I so we can answer any questions you have. Between the two of us, Shauna & I have over 2,700 hours of formal yoga training. We’ve seen and done it all!

Abundance of opportunities

We do our absolute best to hire from within. Our grads run online workshops for our school and teach mini-workshops in our 300 hour training. We do our best to give you teaching opportunities to help you grow as a teacher.

Abundance of wealth

Wealth comes in many forms. We will help you establish the wealth you desire, whether it’s more time freedom, financial freedom or health improvements. Abundance lives all around us. We will help you find it.

The Kind of Teachers I Help
Teacher Training

Our students want to be:

  • Leaders in their communities
  • They have a passion for helping others
  • They are looking to make a bigger impact through their yoga teaching.

Many of our students are currently running their own yoga businesses or want to start a yoga business, train other yoga teachers or run workshops and events.

All of our students are invested in their own personal development and growth. 

We typically only take teachers who have been teaching for at least a year, although we believe that your passion is more important than your experience.

Who am I Outside my Business?

I am an outdoor enthusiast and I love hiking, running, biking or just sitting outside in the sun. I love spending time with my 6’4” husband Sean, whom I met in college. Together, we enjoy traveling and meeting new people.

I can’t live without my girl friends who always make me laugh and bring so much fun into my life.

I am slightly addicted to Audible and I enjoy listening to action-packed fantasy books.

I’m a total nerd and I love talking about human anatomy & physiology.

Oh yeah, and I say y’all all the time.

Allison Rissel
The Stuff My Biz Coach Told Me Not To Include #Rebel

I know this stuff is kind of boring, but I worked really, really hard for my degrees and spent a lot of money on them.  Lots of sleepless nights went into the below information. Thanks for reading!

I became a yoga teacher in 2006 and, in addition to my master’s degree in exercise physiology, I’ve completed over 2,000 hours of formal yoga and yoga therapy training. I am a C-IAYT Yoga Therapist.

I believe in the power of community and I’ve dedicated my life to helping build yoga communities. I’m the co-founder of the North Dakota Yoga Conference, the 406 Yoga Conference and the Yoga Teacher Conf.












LECTURER AT TEXAS STATE UNIVERSITY  taught exercise physiology and personal training classes to undergraduate students 2011 – 2014


ASSISTANT MANAGER OF TOTAL WELLNESS a wellness program for faculty and staff at Texas University, City of San Marcos and San Marcos ISD 2011 – 2014







Rissel AA, Miller BK, Lloyd LK & Williams JS. Hot, sweaty & satisfied: Effects of Bikram yoga on psychological well-being. Journal of Behavioral Health.

Abel AN, Lloyd LK, Williams JS & Miller BK. (2012). Physiological Characteristics of Long-Term Bikram Yoga Practitioners. Journal of Exercise Physiology online, 15(5): 32-39.

Abel AN, Lloyd LK & Williams JS. (2013). The Effects of Regular Yoga Practice on Pulmonary Function in Healthy Individuals: A Literature Review. Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, 19(3): 185-190.

BACHELORS OF EDUCATION in Exercise Science with a Chemistry Minor


MASTERS OF EDUCATION IN EXERCISE PHYSIOLOGY  Thesis: The Effects of Bikram Yoga on Cardiopulmonary Parameters and Psychological Constructs

I’ve completed over 2000 hours of yoga education in addition to thousands of hours in the fitness and exercise physiology field.


  • C-IAYT Yoga Therapist with Hansa Knox of the Kripalu Tradition
  • Yoga Alliance 500 hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) – Camp Utopia Yoga School
  • Cakras- The Inside Story (100 hours) with Hansa Knox & Indukanta Udasin
  • Yoga for Pelvic Health with Shannon Crow
  • American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Exercise Physiologist
  • National Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA) Certified Personal Trainer
  • Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified Coach (Pn1)
  • AFAA Group Fitness Certification
  • CPR & AED

What our students have to say…

The ease of words was my biggest setback or what I thought to be my set back before training. I’ve learned not only to flow through sequences, but flow through my yoga “talk.”

My understanding of poses has drastically improved along with my transition cues. Instead of being just an “instructor,” I now feel like a teacher of yoga.

Allison is a very caring person and sees everyone as unique. She sees the yoga “ability” in everyone.

- Heather Dressler

Owner Body Lift Fitness

I had been teaching for 8 years prior to the training. I took this training because I wanted a deeper understanding of yoga and to refine my teaching style.

Since this training, my classes have become more mindful and I have a much larger “tool box” which adds to the variety of classes that I teach. I’m actually already thinking about getting my 500hr training and it’s because of Allison.

I’ve taken 8 other types of yoga educational classes and Allison is by far the best. Her knowledge, energy and passion are contagious.

- Jim Redlinger

Co-Owner Living Yoga Studio

The idea of being in front of people was nerve racking. I was worried about keeping everyone safe. Can I really do this?

I learned a lot of valuable information and I feel confident now. Taking this training had huge benefits for me and my life.

Allison is truly genuine and cares about you. I value a person on how safe I feel with them. If I feel safe then I’m likely to open up which always been a hard thing to do. She makes you a priority!

- Danielle Voeller

Yoga Teacher

Since this training, I have become an effective teacher with a toolbox of skills to prepare a yoga class.

Personally, I have seen growth and a change in my family and home life.

My husband even commented my participation in the training has changed the atmosphere of our family and home life in a positive, loving, more balanced way.

- Angela Czech

Yoga Teacher & Fitness Pro

I came into the training as a student, I had been doing yoga for about a year prior to training, mainly hot yoga, and long story short, I fell in love with it. My career paths have always been geared towards helping or servicing others, so this training was a no-brainer. I think my biggest fear or more what worried me the most was being able to know the poses and own myself and my education as a whole to teach others and truly help others. I feel this training has done just that, plus so much more.

I have noticed a huge shift in the way I see things, think about things, react to things and overall changed the way I chose to lead my life. It’s brought so much positive joy and life into me as a person and I can see the shift in my relationships as well. This training has shown me love in people, in myself, and in my most beloved loved ones.

- Kendra Metcalfe

Yoga Teacher

As an “older” person, who is not as strong as I have been, I was concerned about my physical capacity to meet the requirements of the class.

The course is designed with “sessions” that are a balance of learning & practicing healthy, safe poses, teaching yoga and being students for other teachers, meaning of yoga and energy tools. All deeply satisfying and doable for persons of all ages and capabilities.

This training brought joy, open heartedness and a healing element of my journey of grief.

Allison is vibrant, honest, open minded, honoring and encouraging. She brings her whole self, attention and joy to every moment of every class and engagement with others.

- Waneen Polly

Yoga Teacher

I didn’t really know if I wanted to teach when deciding to enroll, so it was hard for me to decide if the cost would be worth just knowledge.

The training ended up being so much more than knowledge, but also personal growth as a person and a teacher.

I know myself better. I have better body awareness, mental awareness and energy awareness. I have so many more tools to use in my daily life to be a better person and evolve in to the best version of myself.

Allison is so incredibly open and accepting and adaptable to any person or situation. She goes above and beyond expectations to make sure every person is attended to and needs are met.

- Rachel Deutsch

Yoga Teacher

The biggest challenge for me to start teaching was believing in myself and having the confidence to start. Moving through teacher training opened my way out of uncertainty and blockages in my life.

I started seeing the big picture and had more trust in myself through thorough knowledge of the practices and sharing life experiences including highlights and challenges.

The training is not only asana practices and workshops, it’s about also the spiritual side of it and leading and experiencing the yogi life, while staying true to yourself.

- Ermuun Bulgan

Yoga Teacher