A good playlist can set the pace and energy for your entire yoga class.

An upbeat playlist will make people want to move and flow. Playing soothing nature songs will allow people to relax more.

Below is one of my all-time favorite playlists!! It’s a bit more upbeat in the beginning and calms down as the class moves into stillness.

I usually play Om Zone 2.0, Pt. 2 on repeat while people enter class and find their center. The chanting is non-intimidating and soothing for everyone.

If I choose to start the class in Child’s Pose, Easy Pose or in Corpse Pose then I’ll replay the chanting as we slowly ease into class. By the second song, I like to bring the class standing and flowing.

The next 30 minutes are heat building and strengthening. Sleeping Chlldren Are Still Flying is typically the peak of class. From there, we start moving into our deeper stretches, which moves along with the music.


You can always add songs or move them around to match the class experience you want to create.

Music can be a great tool in your yoga teaching toolbox, but it’s not the only tool available. You have a lot of other tools in your toolbox such as lighting, sequencing, your voice, hands-on adjustments, etc. All of these tools together create a great class experience, not just your music.

I hope you enjoy the playlist! Let me know how it works in your class!

Do you play music in your yoga classes?


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