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Vegan Power Salad

I’ve been making A LOT of salads lately. This Vegan Power Salad tasted so good that I had to share it. The ingredients make for a winning combination.

Tips to Beat the Winter Blues

If you suffer from SAD, you’re not alone and you’re going to be okay. Here’s a list of tips to help brighten your mood and kick your winter blues to the curb.

Tips for a Stress-Free Holiday Season

Are your holidays are more stressful than fun? These 4 simple strategies will cut the crazy out of Christmas and keep you zen throughout the holiday season.

Healthy Holiday Recipes

With all the delicious holiday food, maintaining control can be a challenge. Here are choices for healthier meals and treats with less calories and sugar.

Healthy & Easy Burrito Bowls

This burrito bowls recipe is incredibly tasty and super easy to make. It has all of your major food groups and it’s easily adaptable to your personal taste.

20 Minutes for Yourself is All You Need!

Take 20 minutes for yourself every day! Here are some great ways to incorporate exercise in your everyday! Don’t let life stop you form taking care of YOU!

Holiday Strategies

It’s hard to eat healthy over the holidays. In this article I help you prepare with specific strategies to prevent overeating throughout the holidays.

Healthy Thanksgiving Dessert Recipe

Check out this healthy Thanksgiving dessert recipe. This is my version of a chocolate chip pumpkin protein bar. It turned out so good I had to share!

Healthy Thanksgiving Stuffing

Here’s a healthy thanksgiving stuffing receipe with a superfood and other healthy ingredients. It tastes so amazing that I know you’re going to love it!

Butternut Squash Recipe

Here’s a delicious butternut squash recipe. If you have never considered butternut squash with pasta, I think you’re going to be pleasantly surprised!

What Yoga Means to Me – Part 2

This is part 2 of what yoga means to me. Yoga, for me, is about being a good person to yourself and your body first and using this to be a better person for others.

Healthy Granola Bars for any Holiday!

These healthy granola bars are simple to make and full of nutrients like good carbs, protein & good fats. The great thing about this recipe is that you can use it for any day and holiday. They’re quite filling and make for a perfect snack!

What is Yoga – What it means to me

A brief overview of the history and origin or yoga and what it has become today. Yoga is different for everyone and this is part 1 of what yoga means to me.

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