Belly Breathing Issues
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Belly Breathe - Why I Don't Anymore

Here I explain the issues with belly breathing and offer other breathing methods. This is crucial in avoiding further harm if you have a weak pelvic floor.
4 poses to relieve neck and shoulders
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4 Yoga Poses for Neck and Shoulder Relief

Do you suffer from neck and shoulder pain? Here are 4 yoga poses that will relieve neck and shoulder pain. Anyone can utilize and practice these techniques.
5 Exercises for Low Back Pain
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5 Exercises for Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain can be anything from a nagging ache to debilitating pain. Here are 5 exercises for lower back pain that you can do daily at home.
Low back pain | Do's and Don'ts
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Low Back Pain - The Do's and Don'ts

Lower back pain affects sedentary people as well as highly-trained athletes. Follow these do's and don'ts as a great preventative method for low back pain.
Pelvic Floor Workshop - End Pelvic Floor Pain
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End Pelvic Floor Pain with these Simple Poses

A big difference between a strong pelvic floor and a tight pelvic floor - The latter causes pain! Practice these simple poses to end your pelvic floor pain.