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Yoga workshops are one of the best ways to generate more income in your yoga business and create a bigger impact in your community.

I bet you probably have a TON of ideas in your head, but how do you narrow down all of your ideas into one workshop?????

Here are three strategies to narrow down the ideas bouncing around in your head so you can get focused and start to create the content and marketing for your workshop!


Listen to your students

Your students are consistently telling you what they want to learn from you.

I challenge you this next week to talk to 5 of your biggest “fans,” you know, those students who are in every single class of yours, and ask them these questions:

  1. If I hosted a 2 hour workshop, what would you like to learn?
  2. Why do you like coming to my classes?
  3. What do I do differently than other teachers?

You may hear a common “theme” among your students. Build your workshop off of the topics your students want to learn. 

What are you an expert in and what do you LOVE to teach?

Do you have a ton of knowledge about kid’s yoga? Do you have a ton of knowledge about pre-natal? Do you love teaching about chakra stones? Do you love teaching about the 8 limbs in your yoga classes? Do you love bringing in anatomy and therapeutic exercises? Do you love teaching meditation? 

Do you have an experience that made you an expert? Personally, after my hip surgery, I consider myself a yoga therapy “expert” on hip labrum tears and hip surgery rehab. I have a lot of information on the hips and I could easily create a workshop on the hips because my life experiences have given me the experience and information to create a workshop.


Look at the market

What are other people doing at your studio and in your town? You don’t want to offer the same workshop as someone else at the same time.

By this point you should probably have a few different ideas. Choose your favorite workshop idea, then make sure no one else is offering it. If they are, table your favorite idea and choose your second favorite idea.  In a few months, you can come back to that first idea. 😉

You’re now on your way to creating your workshop!


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