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Creating your first yoga workshop is overwhelming! 

? How much do you charge? 

? What’s the best topic? 

? How much marketing do I need to do? 

? How do I create the content? 

I’m helping Sharon answer all of these questions today in her 1-on-1 consultation call. I have a feeling that this consultation call will help you plan your workshops so you can make a huge impact in your community!

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Imagine how much impact you can make in 2020!!

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[00:46] Introducing the topics of the day.  Sharon’s feeling overwhelmed and not even sure on where to start!

[01:57] Breaking down the topics from her 200-hour yoga teacher training into workshops. 

[03:33] Difference between offering workshops for the general public vs yoga teachers. 

[06:07] How much time should I be talking and how much time should we be practicing?

[09:06] Talking about the legalities of using Camp Utopia’s information for her workshops.

“There’s a lot of stealing going on in the yoga world. People are taking the information from their teachers, putting a different brand on it, and presenting the material as their own. This is an ethics violation of ASTEYA. When do you think you can use someone else’s material?”
You CAN purchase Camp Utopia’s material and we will train you on how to use it. Contact me and I’ll send you more information.

[10:54] Handouts for students – how much, when do I hand them out, is it a distraction, how much time does it take to create them?

[15:51] How do you start the workshop? Meditation? Ice breaker game? Practice?

[18:02] Let’s talk about price!  I take Sharon through an example using my Workshop Pricing Guide.

Click here to grab my Workshop Pricing Guide.
I think every yoga teacher goes through these mental thoughts of “I don’t know if I’m worth $500?” 
I can tell you: You are definitely worth that money. if you’re too cheap, people will expect less and they will think that you’re cheap. 
I would never go and get a $30 massage because it’s probably going to suck. I am willing to pay $60. I’d rather pay more for better quality.
And your students will too!

[32:52] What is the largest workshop head count that you’ve taught? What’s the optimal size?

[34:16] Do you always offer feedback sheets at the end of the workshop?

[35:33] CEU’s – how to give them, are they worth it?

[36:21] Marketing your workshop. How often should I post about it?  What should I post? Where should I post?

[39:14] How far in advance should I advertise my workshop?

What workshops are you planning for 2020?


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