Today, we will explore the Ānandamāyākośa, the deepest layer and also, in my opinion, impossible to teach. Read below and learn how you can help your students feel more empowered and happier in their daily lives.

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Kosha 5- Ānandamāyākośa

The innermost kośa is the Bliss Body. This is all about supreme bliss, the feeling of one-ness; you may feel this as a connection between you and God. This happens in fleeting moments, Ānanda is not a feeling anyone maintains for long periods – it is a goal to find more moments here. The best example I can give is that spine tingling moment in church or yoga class where everything just feels RIGHT. You know you’re doing the exact perfect thing at the exact perfect place with the exact perfect people.

Here in this kośa, you experience supreme love and a one-ness with others. I personally believe, along with many others, that it’s impossible to cue this kośa.

It cannot be taught but rather it must be felt and experienced.

However, you still have the power to help influence this kośa. Many people have a hard time experiencing any bliss in their lives at all. You can use cues during your yoga class to help people begin to recognize moments of bliss and happiness. Your students can always use a little more positivity.   As they start to change their thoughts, they will start to find more bliss in their daily lives.

Cues at this level include positivity, and focusing on a connection with every living being.


How I teach positivity, connection and recognizing bliss in our daily lives:

First Chakra – “As you lie here in savasana, imagine roots extending out from your heels and connecting with a big fiery red ball at the center of the earth. This red ball pulses with the energy beating in your heart. This is Mother Nature. Together, your hearts beat as one.”

Triangle – “As you hold in this triangle pose, bring to mind the face of a loved one. Send them wishes for health, healing and love.”

Tree Pose – “As you extend your branches up and out, energetically connect with your neighbor and send them feelings of love, joy and happiness.”


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