Sirena’s Star Report: December

For the past few years, the element of Earth has been intensely emphasized.

Earth is strong and stable, however it is also difficult to move and sometimes suffocating.  The Nodes of the Moon, Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto, and Uranus have all been in the Earth signs of Capricorn and Taurus.  2020 has been heavy, we feel it in our bodies, in our emotion, and in our thoughts.

Do you feel a shift coming?  A lightening has already started.  The Nodes of the Moon, which determine the eclipse signs for 2 years, shifted from Cancer / Capricorn into Gemini / Sagittarius in May 2020.  This caused an elemental change from Water/Earth into Air/Fire.  We are starting the last month of the year in the influence of a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Gemini, the Air sign messenger.  What messages or ideas have come through for you?  We are releasing what doesn’t serve us in the most nourishing way in order to allow new  knowledge to float in.

The fire will arrive 12/14 when a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius provides us a  wonderful opening to set new intentions for 2021. 

Sagittarius is the adventurer, the  philosopher, the Archer.  Take out an arrow and shoot for the moon, the biggest dream you have!  Now is the time to harness the opportunistic momentum of this new moon, it is pure magic.  Tap into that Tapas, the fiery zeal and passion for life and your practice. 2020 has provided clarity on what is most important in your life and reprioritized your path forward.  Breath of fire as a pranayama practice is a sure way to warm you up and propel you sky high with your NEW dreams.

Having unraveled our internal wounds this past year, Chiron the wounded healer, turns direct in Aries 12/15. 

In Aries, it is all about the individual and what has hurt us, or the Ego, the most. As he turns direct, emotional truths reveal themselves about who we truly are, there is no more hiding behind the proverbial mask. Just as the Northern Hemisphere enters its Winter slumber, utilize your Dhyana practice (meditation) to do just the same. It is time to reflect on “I am” by repeating Sat Nam as your mantra. In silence, the answers reveal themselves.

Saturn (discipline, structure) moves into Aquarius 12/17 and Jupiter (growth, expansion) moves into Aquarius 12/19.  Look up at night as they will join hands in the sky on Winter Solstice to form the Great  Conjunction on 12/21!  This is a major astrological event, that only happens every 20 years and the last time it happened in Aquarius was in 1405, so, yes, it is a big deal.

Why is it SO important?

We are changing elements from heavy Earth to enlightening Air.  Capricorn is about the past, the traditions, the foundations,  government.  Aquarius is about the future, the innovative, the technology, humanity.  As we have seen with the crisis of the US Government over the past 4 years, chaos always preceeds great transformational change.  2020 unearthed the shadows and asked us to look deep within to what is most important to us and showed us what had to break down in order to be built up.  This is not just about the Government, this also affects our individual lives.

The Great Conjunction between Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius on the Winter Solstice here in the north, reminds us that the Sun DOES return.

The days will start getting longer and we see the light on our path. Aquarius is a forward thinking sign and it rules the ankles and circulation.  Ankles are a flexible foundation of our body and need to be strong and resilient.  Practice the pose Drinking Bird for warming up the circulation and strengthening the ankles.  Circulation of blood and circulation of progressive  humanitarian ideas offers us a chance to come together as a nation, as a community and as a family to heal.

Finally, we close out 2020 with a Full Moon in Cancer on 12/29.

Cancer is the sign of the home and family. We have spent a lot of time at home this past year, maybe a lot of time with family or those we chose as family.  Cancer is also a solitary sign, liking to go into its shell to rest and recover, maybe we have spent a lot of time alone.  This sign nourishes and nurtures, as it rules over the chest and the stomach.  It is the sign of the Mother, take care of yourself, “mother” yourself with what you need most physically and Spiritually.  Being ruled by the Moon, Cancer engages our emotional self, and it has evolved substantially over the year.

Take time to reflect how much you have grown through the multiple challenges and changes you have faced.  What has emerged as most important to you?  What has been your greatest success?  What is your vision of the future for 2021?  Air and Fire light your way into the new year.  It is time to shine your beautiful light. 

Happy New Year!

Sirena also does online astrology readings. If you’re interested, check out her website and book a session: https://sirenanow.wordpress.com/contact/


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