Sirena’s Star Report: February 2022

Yay! We can finally move forward.

If you had a difficult time in January with moving forward into the new year 2022, know that you are not alone. A fresh start comes with the month of February! With a new moon, Mercury moving direct, and the Sun in Aquarius, you are reminded that all of humanity is going through similar seasons of life. You can find community and groups of friends that can relate to you, support you, and help you step into the future. Aquarius is a forward-thinking independent sign with its eye on the future. Liberate your mind to shine your authentic light this time of year and encourage others to do the same. Where are you finally breaking free to step into your transformation?

February 1 ushers in a New Moon in Aquarius squaring Uranus in Taurus.

New moons are new beginnings of cycles in your life. It is the darkest time in the night sky, asking you to fold inward to process, rest, and heal. A wonderful time to start a new goal, project, or circle back to your new year’s intention as it relates to adapting to change and uncertainty. Aquarius is a fixed sign, and the lesson here is to tap into a higher self-awareness to be open-minded and flexible. This new moon wants us to think outside the box, but it is in a tense aspect to Uranus, the planet of awakening. We may find ourselves wanting to break free from the mundane, especially when it comes to our broader communities and groups of friends. Aquarius rules the ankles, take good care of these very important foundational joints and stay flexible on your path.

This new moon is also the Lunar New Year in the Chinese Zodiac moving into the year of Water Tiger.

A time to clear out stagnant energy you may have carried over from 2021, declutter your mind to bring some fresh energy into your life.

This time is also very powerful being mid-Winter Imbolc as we are halfway to Spring! To honor this, create an altar around what Winter means to you; a white candle to represent the Sun or light in your life, fresh flowers to represent new growth is coming, sweets to represent self-love.

February 3 the last planet in retrograde, Mercury goes direct in Capricorn.

With ALL planets now moving forward, February is the month to make progress. What has felt stuck and sluggish? Do not be discouraged because now is the time to harness this progressive moving energy.

What lessons has you learned around communication, speaking your truth, and expression since January 14? Maybe this messenger planet brought you a message. Mercury moves into Aquarius again on February 14, hopes and dreams can finally be revealed through clear and concise discussions with loved ones, partners, and relationships. With Aquarius, it is an excellent time to “re-think” situations because it is an intellectual sign. Reassess what you want to say and how you want to say it by taking a moment to breathe, it is an air sign after all.

February 16 is a powerful day. There is a Leo Full Moon and Venus (love & relationships) meets up with Mars (action & energy) in Capricorn.

Full moons are a time of reevaluation of your new intention to adjust. These adjustments can be little tweaks and changes, or they can be something much larger. Leo is a playful fiery sign, bringing joy and happiness into our lives. Plan something fun for this day to utilize your full energy capacity at this time! Be creative and let love in, if love is knocking on the door. Leo rules the heart after all. Same day, there is massive energy working between Venus and Mars in Capricorn. These two signs are oftentimes considered the Lovers, and this is a positive omen for relationships for this full moon.

Ending the month, the Sun enters ethereal Pisces on February 18. The energy shifts to emotional water and rules the feet. We are completing the wheel of the Zodiac with this 12 sign and there is a culmination as we move closer to the Spring Equinox. Pisces is deep and emotional, it rules over the imaginary, artistic endeavors, and Spirituality.

An end to a cycle may be happening in your life, we feel more connected to the collective and want to tap into our intuition.

How will you end the last month of Winter? Connect with your heart and find compassion, kindness, and love for your Self and others. Metta meditation is a beautiful way to practice this. February is a month of emergent transformation, evolution is on the horizon whether we work with it or not.

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