Sirena’s Star Report: February

February is an intense month for the Stars, it will open our minds to whole new possibilities.


Shifting away from the Earthy Capricorn and the material stability of life, the Sun in Airy Aquarius illuminates humanity, community and the collective. Aquarius is a forward-thinking sign with its eye on the future. There is a heavy dose of the airy intellectual energy as a stellium forms and six planets are in the water-bearer: Sun, Moon (on the 11), Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury, and Venus.

This hasn’t happened since 1962!

There are similar themes playing out now in 2021 with equality, justice, and societal transformation that happened then.


The emphasis is to liberate your mind to shine your authentic light, it will encourage others to do the same!

We are half-way to Spring on February 2nd when we celebrate Ground Hogs Day in the USA and Imbolc / Saint Brigid’s day in the Pagan and Christian traditions. This is good news as we welcome longer day light and anticipate the warmth of the Sun to show us signs of Spring to plan new growth.

Do you feel the Spring coming? Time to plan your new beginnings for the new moon.

On February 11, the gathering of six planet in Aquarius is heightened by the New Moon in Aquarius. New moons are new beginnings of cycles in our lives and in the phases of the moon. With no light of the Sun on the moon, it is the darkest time of the month when we feel more introverted and sleepier. A wonderful time to plant a new intention or work on your new year intention, how can you build upon it?

This new moon wants us to think outside the box! Especially when it comes to our broader communities and groups of friends. How can you connect deeper and wider? What innovative resources are available to you?

Aquarius is ankles, take good care of these very important joints and stay flexible to your path. It is shifting and changing with Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius too, we need to remain open to expansion and contraction.

One of the most challenging days in February is on the 17. This is when Saturn in Aquarius Square Uranus in Taurus and it will happen again on June 14 and December 24. Write these dates down because the theme that happens around this time will be playing out in your life in 2021.

When Saturn has squared Uranus in the past, it has ushered in shocking events that tore down the old patterns and ways of doing things to offer up a new perspective on a new social order. A square aspect puts friction between two planets, one will challenge the other however it brings tremendous possibilities for growth.

If you feel fidgety or uncomfortable around this time, use Svadhyaya (self-reflection / observation) to journal around why. Restorative yoga is an excellent choice for the days leading up to these dates.

The Sun enters ethereal Pisces on February 18. The energy shifts to emotional water and rules the feet. We are completing the wheel of the Zodiac with this 12 sign and there is a culmination as we move closer to the Spring Equinox. Pisces is deep and emotional, it rules over the imaginary, artistic endeavors, and Spirituality.

Looking to start a new Spiritual practice or new Sadhana? Now is the time.

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Meditation, yoga, chanting, sacred ritual, connection with the heavens and spirits. It also symbolizes a time of isolation and rules over places such as cemeteries, prisons and ashrams. If you can create a mini-retreat for yourself, do so, you won’t regret it.

Mercury in Aquarius went retrograde on January 30 and finally goes direct on February 20!

Mercury, the planet of communication is notorious for playing havoc on technology and causing a lot of issues with misconstrued messaging and perceptions. Take your time in a retrograde period to slow down, reflect, double-check everything written and communicated, especially if signing contracts. With Aquarius, it is an excellent time to “re-think” situations because it is an intellectual sign. Reassess what you want to say and how you want to say by taking a moment to breathe, it is an air sign after all. Come February 20, clarity arrives!

We end the month with a healing and bountiful Full Moon in Virgo February 27.

This moon allows emotional release around what we have “digested and assimilated” over the past 30 days because Virgo rules the intestines and nervous system.

Deep breaths! Try the Vagus nerve breath to create a calming sensation around the organs extending out into the limbs.

In your yoga asana practice, incorporate lots of twists, adding an intestinal massage, such as laying on your back and pulling your right thigh against the ascending colon and then switch and pull your left thigh into the descending colon. Nourish your body with richly nutritious meals, Virgo is an Earth sign and loves health and alternative wellness practices. Maybe try a new massage or chakra balancing to invigorate your body, mind, and Spirit!

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