Sirena’s Star Report: January

Happy New Year! We are well on our way into Capricorn season, the time of hard work, discipline, and tradition. A perfect time for setting new goals and intentions for the new year 2021.

Capricorn loves to build things from the ground up, so take that higher vision of your goal and start setting practical steps to create actionable tasks. Putting together a structure now for your new intention will help you follow through, stay consistent and reach each milestone. Capricorn rules the knees, you may start to feel extra energy here so be careful with keeping them strong and safe, especially if you have to walk on ice and snow!

According to Louise Hay, the knees represent pride and ego, when you are inflexible or too proud to bend, we may experience problems with the knees.

Be kind to yourself and others as you traverse the start of your new year and new path forward.

This Earth sign provides a steady and stable atmosphere to work hard and stay focused.

Use a structured 3-Part Breath in your pranayama practice this month to support that foundational growth of your new intentions.

Mars the planet of action moves into slow and steady earth sign Taurus on January 6th.

Mars has been in its rulership sign of Aries for 6 months! This is a long time since it usually only stays in a sign for 6-8 weeks. Aries is a fire sign and over the past 6 months, reactionary abrupt moves were present and decisions made quickly without recognition of a plan. Mars doesn’t good in Earthy Taurus because it wants to move quickly and Taurus wants to slow it down.

Expect decision making to consider all the angles before moving forward. This is good energy to work in conjunction with the Earthy Capricorn Sun for making a long-term plan to reach your goals.

Taurus connects with the neck and throat chakra. How can you communicate your plan and stay open to the advice from others to make it rock solid?

On January 13, we are greeted with a Capricorn New Moon that is brushing up against evolutionary Pluto. This moon phase typically sees us experiencing lower energy and being more introspective, especially it being influenced by secretive Pluto in Capricorn this time.

Tap into the grounding essence of your yoga practice with slower more intentional movement, closer to the floor.

If on the knees for asana such as gate pose, low lunge or half splits, be extra loving and add a blanket or pillow underneath them. You may need extra support as you navigate this new moon.

Only two weeks into the new year, make adjustments to your plans and consider what works and what doesn’t work. Remember, the path forward is never straight, so stay flexible to all options and true to you as well.

The Sun will enter Aquarius on January 19, just before one of the most important days for 2021, Inauguration Day on January 20.

This is a pivotal time as Capricorn season (structure, government, the past, old traditions) is over and Aquarius season begins. It is ushering in a new president and new paradigm. 2020 dredged up a lot of uncomfortable truths and Aquarius will take the lead in the restructure.

Air sign Aquarius stands for the collective, taking care of one another, humanitarianism. It thinks outside of the box, loves innovation, technology, and forward thinking. It is time to break out of a rut, Aquarius is the rebel and loves independence as well.

If you are feeling stuck, now is the time to try something new. It is ok to break with tradition to honor your individual uniqueness!

Aquarius rules the ankles, calves, and circulatory system. Our ankles are the only joint that connects our feet to our upper body and deserves lots of love and care. They represent the flexibility we have in life.

This is a wonderful time to strengthen the ankles through asana such as drinking bird and standing balance poses such as tree.

How do you take care of your circulatory system?

Healthy foods, exercise, and not smoking are just a few to mention. When we keep our circulatory system healthy, it keeps our heart healthy.

The opposite sign of Aquarius is Leo as the full moon is always in the opposite sign of the current sun sign.

Leo represents the heart and the spine, big hearts finding that back bone to be brave.

On January 28, we tap into the fiery Leo to let go and releasing any limiting thoughts and actions that are negatively affecting our new year intentions.

How brave have you been to take action? Leo asks us to find our courage to make the tough decisions and once we do that, celebrate by having fun!

This sign is associated with children, self-expression, and creativity.

It is an extroverted time of the month, expect drama and the need for attention, recognition, and appreciation.

Treat your Self for all your hard work!

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