Sirena’s Star Report: July

July is a turning point for 2020. 

If you have focused on self-care and created a new plan to nurture yourself and take care of your body, mind and Spirit in June, you’ll be all set to ride the waves of the second half of this year.

If you haven’t, I would highly suggest you do so, or at least get some more sleep.

Mid-Summer can feel heavy and like we can’t take the steps forward with 5 planets in retrograde and Saturn returning to Earthy Capricorn on July 1. Saturn, the task Master, was in Aquarius March – June 2020 to give us a taste of what is to come in terms of humanitarianism, social justice, innovation and technology. The energy is a bit lighter as it is an air sign and he will move back into Aquarius December 2020 for 2.5 years.

What has restructured to become more disciplined in your life during these past 4 months? How did your energy shift in your responsibilities? 

Capricorn is actually ruled by Saturn, it governs over authority, career, profession, responsibility, father figure, and government. It has been in Saturn since December 2017 and doing some really heavy-duty work breaking down our realities in order to rebuild. It is not a comfortable planet! But when we do the work it is asking us to do, it comes with great rewards. We are seeing this in our own government in the USA, it is going through massive upheaval and this will continue to play out through elections and the end of the year.

Keep in mind chaos always precedes great change and rewards are coming.
The full moon lunar eclipse on Sunday July 5

It is in Capricorn, which is in the opposite sign of the Sun, currently in Cancer. The last eclipse of the Summer is illuminating something in our life that is ready to release. It is the last of an eclipse cycle that began in the Summer of 2018. What started then that is coming to completion now?

Cancer and Capricorn have been cycling through our lives and our charts, alternating between mother/father, nurturer/disciplinarian, home/career, community/government, and rest/work. This eclipse is the mid-year pivot point in our life to realize something new is around the corner. There is a lot of emphasis in the chest/breasts/stomach with Sun still in Cancer, take time to meditate and “digest” all that is happening. Capricorn brings a lot of energy into the knees, they may buckle with all the planets here plus an eclipse, however build strength with asana such as chair pose. This sign also loves structure, tap into Dirgha Breath to calm the mind. 

Come mid-month we see Mercury finally turn forward out of retrograde and we feel like we can finally communicate clearly again.

It’s in the sign of Cancer and our words and expression may have taken on more emotion than normal, this is good though as we need all the help and support we can get in times of great change. Once Mercury moves forward, technology issues also right themselves, stay focused and edit everything until at least July 12.

A magical and healing new moon in Cancer happens on July 20.

There are 2 new moons in Cancer during Cancer Season, which started on June 20 at the Solstice. The first new moon was a solar eclipse on Sunday June 21 and we are now returning to the new beginnings and intentions we set on that first weekend of Summer. We get a fresh start yet again and solidify those new beginnings with yet another Cancer new moon.

Self-care, nurturance, and comfort where you feel most at home are themes to revisit and set a new Sankalpa to see you throughout the next 6 months. 

Lastly, the Sun enters Leo on July 22, the energy shifts to the spine and the heart, find connection through spinal twists and the fearless heart mudra. Courage and fire can be built through Lion’s Breath to honor this fiery Lion’s symbol.

Be brave to move forward!

This proud Lion wants to get the ball rolling into creativity, self-expression, romance and children. 

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