Sirena’s Star Report: June

Self-care. Self-care. Self-care.

No seriously, self-care to start June and throughout July. 

I know this term is thrown around a lot and I know that self-care can feel selfish for some, but it is vital we tap into even the basics of taking care of ourselves at this time. Plenty of water, plenty of sleep and MOVE YOUR BODY. Basics. 

June heralds in unrest in the stars, it is a messenger of changing times. With 6 planets in retrograde, we are reexamining our lives and our collective impulse. Change is uncomfortable, difficult, and messy; this is exactly what three eclipses in a row is offering humanity right now. Two of these eclipses happen in June. One on Friday June 5th and one on Sunday June 21st. 

The full moon lunar eclipse in Sagittarius on Friday June 5th fuels the fire of change.

Burning purifies and this full moon asks us to burn away past patterns and disillusionment to pave a new path forward with a new plan and a new perspective. 

We reach out to learn, to educate, to understand and Sagittarius helps us with this as it rules all three actions and promotes seeing the bigger picture, not only in our life, but our country, humanity, Earth. The archer wants us to grab our bow and shoot towards to higher understanding, a higher truth. 

The Sun is in our lungs, shoulders, arms and hands (Gemini) and the moon lands in our hips and thighs (Sagittarius). How can you move your body to help shift these energies from these areas? Stretch and strengthen those shoulders, then pop up into Shoulder stand to flip that perspective! Asana to release the tension in the hips like Lizard pose, Low Lunge, and Half Splits. Pranayama is pertinent right now, breathe Yogis, find the breath to manage the stress.

Let’s not forget about the first day of Summer for the Northern Hemisphere! 

I know widely in the US it is traditionally celebrated around Memorial Day, however, the first day of Summer arrives when the Sun moves into Cancer on Summer Solstice June 20, the longest daylight hours and the shortest night. A new moon Solar Eclipse follows suit on Sunday June 21. New beginnings, new intentions, a fresh start. We will see this water sign throw some much-needed healing refreshment on the fires. Cancer Sun and Moon asks us to retreat, rest, and restore with what feels most like home to us. Is it a place? A person? A hobby? Take lessons from the Crab, Cancer’s symbol, and go within if you are feeling highly sensitive and emotional. During this time, Cancer heightens our awareness and intuition, and we can have an innate wisdom bubble up to show us our deepest needs and other’s needs at this time. 

Self-care. Self-care. Self-care. 

Cancer asks us to nurture and mother ourselves, fill our cups, especially before we can care for others. 

With both the Sun and the Moon in our chest, breast and stomach at the end of June, processing these emotions during this time is vital, but may cause stomach aches as it all feels too much.

Tap into the breath, practice pranayama to shift the energy around, then build into asana that can help with digestion. A new moon is lower energy and with it being an eclipse, our bed might be calling to us more than our mat. Get into bed, splash on some lavender essential oil, twist and squeeze, then journal and sleep. 

The only way out is through. We can change and we can grow; separate and apart. It is time.

Utilize the tools and resources for your body, mind, and spirit. Aim towards your truth and towards what feels most like home. July will usher in a new wave of energy.

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