Sirena’s Star Report: June

A very different feeling to the start of June 2021 compared to last year!

With the Sun still in Gemini information moves quickly, decisions are made swiftly, and we start to see a whole new world emerging. What are you curious about exploring a whole new normal?

Gemini rules the shoulders, arms, and hands. In your practice this month, take time to honor these areas and pay special attention to how much extra love we need here. Let down the weight of the world from your shoulders and give your arms a rest. Upper body massage all the way to the fingertips relieves that tension. This sign also rules the lungs, invite pranayama into your practice for your students and yourself. Healing and strengthening the lungs.

As we start to remove masks, notice your physical and emotional reaction, let your breath take the lead.

We are in a pivotal time at the beginning of June, between eclipses. The May 26 Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius asked us to release limiting beliefs to make way for a high truth and shifting perspective. The in-between asks us to sit, pause and reflect before a new beginning on June 10’s Solar Eclipse in Gemini.

This is a new moon, think back to 6 months ago, something is culminating to start a new cycle this summer.

Gemini is the sign of communication, writing, knowledge, short domestic trips, and also siblings. Eclipses can bring wild cards on our life path, always altering us in a new direction to stay true to our inner Self. This eclipse may feel busy, restless, and change-making. What is the truth you are seeking? With Mercury in retrograde lining up directly with this Eclipse, your answers come in the silence, they will be personal for you. If there is a decision you are trying to make, seek inside yourself for the keys. Retrograde planets give us permission to reflect.

What you seek is within, a new start is here.

Three very important squares happen between two key planets in 2021.

This first time was on February 17, now we approach the second time on June 14 and lastly, the conclusion will happen on December 24. The two planets are Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus. Saturn in Aquarius dislikes the rules of society and laws of Government, it strives to be a rebel. It feels uncomfortable because Saturn is a rule follower and Aquarius is asking it to break away. Uranus is the great awakener, it loves change and surprise. While in Taurus, however it is being challenged to seek security, comfort and stability. Please, no surprises! When these two planets square each other, the opportunity is found in the challenge.

What was going on around February 17? You will revisit this June 14 and again, December 24 when you discover the conclusion. The challenge will have been met, it is your choice if it was a success or a failure.


June 20 Jupiter (opportunity), freshly in Pisces, goes retrograde joining Mercury (communication), Saturn (discipline), and Pluto (transformation). Then we have Neptune (imagination) going retrograde June 25.

With five planets in retrograde, we are reexamining our lives and our collective impulse.

The summer is asking us to slow down and not rush into major decisions. Change is uncomfortable, difficult, and messy, but also vital to emotional maturation, growth, and understanding. Fold inward and enjoy some self-discovery by taking yoga classes, enjoying your hobbies, reading, and get outside. Nature doesn’t hurry and look at how beautifully she supports us even in our darkest hours. Savasana outside, under the sky in the grass is calling your name.

Summer Solstice, the longest daylight hours and the shortest night in the northern hemisphere falls on June 20 when the Sun enters Cancer. It is also Father’s Day in the USA. The Sun represents father and the masculine in life. When the Sun is in Cancer, which represents Mother, it combines this energy with the feminine to nurture ourselves, fill our cups, especially before we can care for others.

Are your needs being met and are you meeting the needs of others? Cancer rules the breasts/chest, stomach and digestion. Make sure what you are ingesting is also digestible – food, drinks, social media, news, conversations.


At the end of June on the 22 Mercury goes direct, which means clarity comes through, our thought process clears, and decisions are ready to be made. This planet’s retrograde is often most influential over us because it happens 3-4 times a year. If you are feeling confused at this time, or thoughts are scattered, know that this planet shifting directions will help. Use mantra or journaling as tools to observe and bring awareness to the mind.

A release happens on June 24 with the Full Moon in Capricorn.

We end the month in steady contemplation. Capricorn rules the knees and we can start to feel the Earth solidify into our stable mountain, with the eclipses behind us. Our path is clearer and the next six months are vital to growth on our life path.

Lean in, dear Friends.

Sirena’s Star Report is based on Western Astrology.



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