Sirena’s Star Report: March

Pisces Season coupled with Venus and Neptune in Pisces has us feeling a bit more sensitive and dreamier this month of March.

We made it through two of the toughest months in 2021, so allow yourself some rest and recovery in these final few weeks of Winter.

Spring arrives on March 20! Pisces rules the feet and is the sign of the fish. Incorporate fish pose for these coming weeks and modify it as a restorative pose using a blanket or bolster. This is a great time for a foot massage and pedicure dear Yoga Teachers, we spend so much time working with our feet, treat yourself to some indulgence – safely of course. You deserve it.

Come March 13 take out those signing bowls, burn some incense, pull up a hot bath filled with essential oils and rose petals, it is time to celebrate the new moon in Pisces.

Students will be feeling quite sleepy and dreamy because there is no light on the moon, pulling us deeper into an ethereal fantasy world. This new moon is especially potent because Venus, the planet of love and relationship, and Neptune, the planet of Spirituality and magic, are both in Pisces all holding holds. Ritual is the name of the game for this moon, create a new Sadhana to connect with your Spiritual side or plant the seeds of intention to begin this new cycle.

Clarity will come around relationships, have some fun and create space to play and be creative. Keep one foot to the ground, because it all could just be an illusion.

Did you start a new intention or goal at the beginning of 2021 and now it has fizzled out? Guess what?! You have a new chance to start new again. March 20 ushers in the Astrological New Year with the Sun into Aries! It is a time of new beginnings and new growth.

Spring Equinox is a balance of equal daylight and equal darkness in the northern hemisphere. Grass will start to turn green, flowers will burst from the ground, buds will pop out from branches, and leaves are getting ready to emerge. Hibernating animals feel the warmth of the sun as the Earth tilts more and the day light becomes longer. It takes a lot of fiery energy to emerge out of hibernation and for vegetation to grow again. Time to turn that fire on within you and shine out from the Wintery darkness!

Excellent day to celebrate the turning of the seasonal wheel with classes themed around new life, growth, and bravery.

Aries rules the head and is a fire sign. Energy is high during this time as we make our way outside and feel nourished by the Sun.

Dream big and take those brave steps forward to expand your horizons. Take chances because reward comes with risk, even if you fail, and Aries knows that being the most powerful entrepreneur of the Zodiac.

How has your yoga classes, offerings, and business changed over this past year of the pandemic? It has evolved significantly, maybe even more than you would have ever imagined. Harness the energy of Aries, be like the Ram and run forward, there is nothing to lose! Determination, enthusiasm, and optimism are qualities to instill in your yoga classes and business. Now is the time to think creatively to find tools, resources, and mentors to learn a new skill to create new offerings.

We end the month with a Full Moon in Libra on March 28.

Full moons usher in higher energy and sensitivity, we may find our voice and want to speak up, especially around relationships with this moon. A full moon is always in the opposite sign of the Sun.

Aries represents the relationship we have with ourselves and Libra represents the relationship we have with others. There is an interplay here during this full moon and someone could come into your life or leave it, make sure to work on those communication skills and speak your truth. We yearn for balance and harmony in all areas of our life at this time, find beauty in Santosha where you never thought you would. Libra rules over the lower back and kidneys, drink some hydrating liquids and keep those kidneys in good working order.

What can you do to help that lower back? Your students may need some extra love here at this full moon, work in gentle supine twists and longer holds on child’s pose.

March is the month of compassion, imagination, and rejuvenation. We have been in the wintery darkness and cold for a long time, give yourself permission to now fertilize your dreams, be nourished by the Sun, and enjoy new growth in your life!

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