Sirena’s Star Report: May

We enter May with the Sun in earthy Taurus.

In the Northern Hemisphere, we celebrate Beltane halfway to Summer on May 1st with the beauty of Spring. Taurus season asks us to enjoy all that Spring has to offer through our senses; watching the sun set later and later, smelling the wet pine after the rain, picking the fresh rhubarb for pie, rubbing the silky fresh grown mint between our fingertips and listening to the birds wake us at sun rise. For more than a month, we have found ourselves not venturing outside, which has beckoned us to go inside.

May presents us an opportunity to cultivate a sense of focus, patience, calm, and stability.

What we value may have changed and evolved dramatically as we stayed home –working or losing income, homeschooling, teaching, going online more, social distancing. Relationships may have shifted and our value of those around us may have transformed to a deeper love that we may want to stay, or a deeper understanding that we may want to go. Wherever you are, Taurus supports a calculated and steady plan towards new values and new goals and connects with the neck and throat, the 5th Chakra. Work on finding courage and strengthening your voice through mantra, listening to, learning and chanting Baba Hanuman by Krishna Das.

Utilizing the retrogrades (Rx) of May throughout the end of Summer into Fall provides us the opportunity to reflect, reset and analyze. When planets go “retrograde” they appear to be going backwards in the sky.

There are four significant planets retrograding this month!

May starts with Pluto in Capricorn Rx (April 25th) – the planet of transformation and rebirth – it slows down to force us to reconsider what we value in government structure, responsibilities and work, in order to break it down and rebuild in new ways.

On May 11th Saturn in Aquarius turns Rx and tells us to turn inward to reconsider how authority, rules, and boundaries effect humanity and the use of technology. Ankles are the connection with Aquarius, according to Louise Hay, they represent our ability to be flexible. Work on strengthening your ankles with the pose Drinking Bird.

On May 13th Venus in Gemini turns Rx and this means the return of old relationships. Someone in your life that you have had a relationship with before could return to deliver another karmic lesson. Our love is serendipitous during this time and anyone you meet may feel fated, but remember, in retrograde, this connection is more of a lesson and not long lasting.

On May 14th Jupiter in Capricorn turns Rx and asks us about our growth in 2020, are we feeling trapped and using that as an excuse not to expand our horizons? It is true that Capricorn does not feel good in Jupiter, because Capricorn is about boundaries and putting the nose to the grind stone, but Jupiter wants freedom and adventure and possibilities! How do we balance the two?

Two significant moons are present in May.

We start off with a transformational Full Moon in Scorpio on May 7th. This water sign beckons the depths of a dark ocean within us and our emotions will feel like stormy waves washing over us. This is a time to ride those waves to heal, wash away what doesn’t serve you right now, allow it to be pulled out to sea never to return. What is left is a blank slate to move forward, even in uncertainty we can begin anew. This full moon is connected to the pelvis, the sexual organs and physical and emotional pleasures abound, work with envisioning an orange light at the Sacral chakra and repeat the mantra “I Feel” 108 times.

Come May 20th the Sun moves into Gemini and the element shifts from Earth to Air. We will welcome in the lightness of air for the last month of Spring. Gemini season asks us to be curious, explore, learn and communicate. This Mercury ruled sign has a busy mind, so meditation is needed, especially as the new moon in Gemini on May 22nd starts a new cycle.

This new cycle can feel mentally active without the urge to actually communicate, which is very strange for Gemini! It rules the 3rd house of how we gain and disperse knowledge and wants to be social.

In the time of social distancing, what will Gemini season allow us?

Gemini feels the weight of the world on the shoulders, the body part connection of this sign. Take time to release the shoulders with strap work or myofascial massage. To quiet the mind and focus on the strength of the shoulders, try Shoulder Stand and flip your perspective upside down.

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