Sirena’s Star Report: May

Pardon my French, but May is cray.


There are three planets retrograde, a new moon, Jupiter enters its domicile sign of Pisces, and our FIRST eclipse of 2021! Thank goodness most of May is still in Earthy Taurus season, presenting us an opportunity to ground, cultivate a sense of focus, patience, and stability.

Retrogrades (Rx) provide us the opportunity to reflect, reset, and reanalyze. When planets go “retrograde” they appear to be going backwards in the sky and there are three significant planets retrograding this month.

May starts with Pluto in Capricorn Rx, the planet of transformation and rebirth, it slows down to force us to reconsider our shadow side. Integrating the power we have within ourselves to face fears and make necessary changes to our lives. Lean into the uncertainty and trust the process.

On May 3, Mercury enters its domicile sign of Gemini, this means it rules this sign and feels “at home” in it.

In Gemini, the planet of communication and intellection study, Mercury can be itself: articulate, factual, and logical. Our communication, thinking processes and awareness will function at optimal parameters.


On May 8, Venus enters Gemini, leaving its cozy home sign of Taurus.

Venus is the planet of close one-on-one relationships, partnerships, and marriage. When Venus is in Gemini, we find it easier and more logical to articulate our feelings. Of course, feelings are there to be felt, but sometimes knowing how to label, translate, and put your feelings into words can make a big difference. 


On May 11, the Moon and the Sun in Taurus conjoin for a low energy dark New Moon. 

This sign adores being protected, stable, secure, and “at home”; the comfort, the tastes, the beauty, the smells, the sounds, the space you can just be your Self. Taurus rules over the senses and we are seeking comfort and security with this moon.

Sensual delights are in focus so allow yourself to INDULGE!

The moon is our emotional self, exalted in Taurus, giving us permission to explore and make positive new beginnings. Taurus rules over the neck, add in restorative poses that support the neck. Splurge for an upper back, shoulders, and neck massage. With so many planets moving into Gemini, we start to see and physically feel that integral connection between the neck and shoulders.


On May 13, the most blessings-oriented event of 2021 happens when Jupiter enters Pisces.

This is a magical time through beginning of July (when it retrogrades back into Aquarius), because Jupiter is a co-ruler of Pisces, it feels deeply at home and dreamy here.

Jupiter changes signs once a year and when it does, it provides us the positive focus in an area of life that the lucky expansion occurs.

Pisces rules the feet. Where are your feet taking you in movement forward in your life? These two and a half months of Jupiter in Pisces are a fantastic look into what is to come in 2022, when Jupiter moves into Pisces for one year. This time allows us to cultivate trust, optimism, and provides us a wise sense of how synchronistic our lives really are.


Come May 20 the Sun moves into Gemini and the element shifts from Earth to Air.

Gemini season asks us to be curious, explore, learn and communicate. Starting a meditation program is helpful during this time to help steady our busy mercurial lead minds. We can feel much more mentally active, asking questions, looking for answers and desiring to be more social.

Gemini feels the weight of the world on the shoulders, the body part connection of this sign. Take time to release the shoulders with myofascial massage and strengthen the with dolphin pose and forearm planks.


On May 23 Saturn in Aquarius turns Rx and asks us to reconsider how authority, rules, and boundaries effect our individual freedom.

The focus is also on our use of technology, how has this created and inhibited freedom? Do you feel tied to your device? Ankles are the connection with Aquarius, according to Louise Hay, they represent our ability to be flexible. Flexibility is key during this retrograde, find ways to disconnect like Aquarius and have a tech break.

Dive into real books, real connection, and real experiences outside.


May 26 is our first eclipse of 2021!

There are only four eclipses in 2021, compared to six in 2020. Massive changes and pivot turns upended us all in 2020 and now we are working on new priorities and a new paradigm of how to move forward in a more supportive and connected way.

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius optimistically fuels the fire of change. Burning purifies and this full moon asks us to burn away past patterns and disillusionment to pave a new path forward with a new plan and a new perspective.

We want to learn, to educate, to understand and Sagittarius helps us with this.

It promotes seeing the bigger picture, not only in our life, but for humanity and Earth. A pivotal time, an eclipse unfolds our path to search for something to make us feel alive and a philosophy that gives our life meaning. Asana to release the tension in the hips like Lizard pose, Low Lunge, and Half Splits are wonderful because Sagittarius rules the hips.


May 29 marks a pivotal end to May.

Mercury in Gemini turns retrograde and meets up with Venus in Gemini. Venus is “feeling” and Mercury is “thinking”, so when we experience a situation, we may first feel it (Venus) and then try to make sense of it (Mercury).

Due to Mercury travelling backwards, you can have an experience that will turn you upside down. It jolts you and then provides you a chance to slow down your reaction, take time to really think about what happened and then move forward with what you want to say.

Stay steady dear Yogis and see you next month!

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