Sirena’s Star Report: November

Anchor into your ritual. Anchor into your routine. Anchor into your Self.

November is a wild ride, imagine being on a boat at night in the middle of a storm on the North Sea. One of the most intense and challenging months of 2021, you may need extra time alone to process and extra time in nature to navigate all that is happening. Scorpio season is not the easiest of times, coming just after the lighthearted flirtatious Libra season, it pushes us into the shadows of the underworld. Mid-month is a turning point in your life with a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus. Trust that this too shall pass and once we get into the last week of the month, the clouds part and the Sun shines again.

11/4 is the Scorpio New Moon. Scorpio rules the pelvis and reproductive system, often associated with the sacral chakra. Try restorative yoga adding in pelvic tilts to warm up the body, bringing heat and awareness to this area. Allow yourself to be like a scorpion and retreat under a rock for stillness on your Soul journey. There is much to be revealed around your psyche and it could be difficult to face as this low energy dark moon activates Pluto (transformation) and Mars (action/frustration) later in the month. Discover a darker place in your soul to rekindle your light within.

11/5 Venus enters Capricorn and Mercury Enters Scorpio. When two planets shift in one day, it is quite significant, and you can feel this in your physical body such as dizziness and headaches. Following planetary movements and anticipating the themes gives you great power of acknowledgement and understanding of physical connections to the Cosmos. Venus moving into Capricorn offers love and relationships the structure and foundation it craves, governing the knees. This placement does not bring people to be weak in the knees in love for someone, as it is very practical and will connect with Pluto the planet of transformation in December. Mercury moving into Scorpio, your conversations will no longer be surface level, you will long for something deeper and soul connecting.

11/10 Mars in Scorpio Square Saturn in Aquarius is one of most difficult transit of the month, potentially of the year. Our subconscious makes calculated moves to turn a corner on the discipline of reaching our dreams. Mars wants quick action, but Saturn is a slow mover. Start your day in a routine, routine is ritual, and ritual is sacred. Whatever your morning routine is, anchor in; wake up, drink water, meditate, journal, yoga, take a walk. You can be feeling this energy a few days leading up to and after the square. Where you find the most challenge is where the greatest growth will happen. Pay close attention to what is happening in your life; relationships, career, studies, creativity, health, dreams, Spirituality, etc.

11/17 Mars (action/frustration) in Scorpio opposing Uranus (surprise) in Taurus is a river of lava running deep, you may erupt. What are you opposing right now that you have been holding onto tightly? A wonderful opportunity to release through physical movement. Taurus rules the neck and throat chakra, take a breath before you speak your word. Writing a letter to your Self or the person in question and waiting a few days, especially past the eclipse and then reread it before you send it. Or better yet, don’t send it if it was just to cool your jets off.

11/19 Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse in Taurus. Eclipses are powerful turning points in our lives, if we have been doing the work it may be an easy transition. However, if we have been avoiding our personal development, the Universe may push us into a new direction, jarring our inner world. Taurus is an Earth sign and exalted when in the Moon. Think back to 6 months ago on the New Moon 5/11/21 in Taurus, what is releasing from your life now? It is an activated potent turning point in your life. A closure comes to your financial situation, security and stability are themes. Place value on your self-respect and self-acceptance, not just on what you own.

11/21 Sun enters Sagittarius, a much-needed reprieve from the disappointment and frustration of most of the month of November. Turn your face towards the Sun, adventure and fun await! Sagittarius is a big picture, philosophical sign, who wants experience in life and exploration to enhance their existence. A social and exciting sign, lighting up a room with quick wit and sense of humor. Focus on the hips, the part of the body governed by Sagittarius, through strengthening and stretching. Pigeon or Figure 4 are great poses to incorporate into your practice. After the investigative and penetrating season of Scorpio, Sagittarius rewards you with the illumination of all that is good and true in this world.

11/24 Mercury is moving fast and enters Sagittarius, your conversations turn philosophical, the bigger picture is emerging. Having two sign shifts in one month for Mercury is somewhat rare. Thinking, talking, and discussing are big themes for November as we investigate and research with Scorpio, then express, convey, and reveal with Sagittarius.

One more eclipse and big transits coming in December! Remember to anchor into your ritual, anchor into your routine, anchor into your Self. 2021 is going out with a bang.

Sirena’s Star Report is based on Western Astrology.



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