Sirena’s Star Report: November

A powerful new era is being ushered in as November’s path rolls forward into some potent energy.

Decisions will be made to bring endings to old ways, old habits, old routines, and certainly old power structures.

Scorpio season is about transformation and evolution through the death of an old paradigm. This sign rules the reproductive system, pelvis and genitals, the area of the Sacral Chakra. Bring awareness into this chakra and utilize the intense reproductive energy to conjure up your creativity imagining a rebirth!

We notice in the Northern Hemisphere what appears to be the dying off of the flowers, the trees shedding their leaves, the grass turning brown. What is really happening is that nature is turning inward and shedding that which will not serve them through the darkness of winter. They will retire and go into energy conservation, to be reborn again in the Spring.

Will you do the same? 

A most auspicious day is election day November 3, as the world awaits with baited breath who will be the next president of what is considered a part of “Free World.”

With Neptune, Mercury and Mars currently retrograde, it can feel quite the opposite; restrictive, bound, confined. When will we feel like we can finally move forward?!

Mercury retrograde in Libra, will turn direct on this very important day November 3. Libra is the sign of justice, equality, harmony and rules the lower back, kidneys, and skin. Mars in its home sign of Aries, the planet of action, aggression, and initiative, stations direct on November 13.

It will provide us some much-needed courage, strength and forward movement. Aries rules the head, be aware of headaches, migraines, and sinus infections – keep up your pranayama practice to help detoxify and cleanse the respiratory system for winter. Neptune in its home sign of Pisces, the planet of dreams, intuition, and Spirituality, moves forward on November 28.

We can FINALLY dream again about what a compassionate, caring, and healing world it can be.

The third and final conjunction between Jupiter and Pluto will happen on November 12.

This planetary dance started on April 5 and the second conjunction occurred on June 30 – think back to around these dates in your own journey and how you have grown. Both in Capricorn, Jupiter and Pluto will invite a deepening of growth, digging into the roots of our foundation to discover what truly matters in our lives. We will be able to regenerate our visions for possibility through dealing with difficulties and facing whatever has shattered during the past year. Coming together to expand, grow and transform our ideas of power, authority, government and our purpose.

Capricorn rules the knees and lower legs. Massage anyone? Excellent time this month to treat yourself to a (Covid safe) massage, a CBD lower leg and foot massage would activate the circulatory system and connect with the upcoming Jupiter and Saturn conjunction in Aquarius in December.

Aquarius rules the ankles and circulatory system and will be a huge initiator of the formation of the new paradigm. 

Lastly, we connect with the revolutionary moons of the month. A new moon in Scorpio on November 15 gives us permission to turn inward, reflect, and observe.

Our energy is low and our emotion high, the ebb and flow of the scorpionic waters wash over us. We may desire deeper experiences of feelings, either good or bad, however it can oftentime feel uncomfortable or confusing if we would rather not dip our feet into those murky waters.

The intensity of feeling and our heightened intuition will be significant, possibly in a way we will never forget.

A slower more intentional practice is suggested during this time, especially Yoga Nidra or meditative Shamanic Journeying from seasoned and trusted teachers.

November 30 closes out the month with a pivotal and timely Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Gemini.

Full moons are endings of a cycle, thinking back to the New Moon in Gemini on May 22, what has transpired since then to usher in a new way of thinking?

Gemini is the mind, the little details, information, and transmission of ideas, as an air sign, it is always thinking. It worries, so take a deep breath and release those shoulders away from your ears, Gemini rules the shoulders, arms and hands. Consider poses in your asana practice to focus on strengthening and then releasing tension in your shoulders through myofascial release.

Eclipses are turning points in our journey. Gemini effects your thoughts and communication so it is possible that you will feel scattered, unfocused and confused.

Give yourself permission to question your opinion and abandon old thoughts, it is time to enlighten, educate and make fresh decisions. A new door opens in December, two weeks later with the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius. More to come as we close out 2020!


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