Sirena’s Star Report: October

October is bookended by two full moons!

The first day of the month is a fiery Full Moon in Aries, it rules the head so it could be bringing in lots of headaches. Mars rules this moon, be ready for tempers, frustration and intensity. During a full moon we typically have a lot more energy, not able to sleep and may want to express ourselves more aggressively.

Work with this energy in a positive way and go for more walks, practice a faster asana, run, bike, hike, any way to physically move around this fire without getting it stuck.

If you’re feeling like a volcano and ready to blow, try a calming breath such as Moon Piercing Breath; inhale through the left nostril and exhale through the right nostril. This will shift the coals to cooling and help calm the mind and the body. 

The last day of the month is Halloween and it is the second full moon of the month, called a Blue Moon.

This moon is in Taurus and is exalted in this sign. Taurus is an Earth sign and is very grounding, it will thin the veil between the Spirit World and Material World.

It is a perfect evening for a séance, meditation, and connecting with the nether realm.

Taurus rules the neck and the throat chakra, find a way to use your voice, wear blue, or crystals such a sapphire or blue agate. Singing and chanting can be simple steps to take to find your voice and express yourself.

This Taurus moon will ground us into the earthly pleasures and comfort of life, giving us balance as the Sun in Scorpio would rather us dive into the shadowy depths of the Spirit World. The Sun moves into Scorpio October 22, the emphasis is on the psyche, transformation, evolution of the soul and facing the darkness.

It rules the pelvis and reproductive system, pay special attention to this area; hot baths, tantra and relaxation.

Venus enters Virgo on October 2, the love and relationship planet does not feel very natural here. There is a fastidious nature to love and we will analyze our feelings and emotions, until we have removed any spontaneity.

Virgo rules the intestines and nervous system, so don’t get too worked up over relationships, otherwise your nerves will be shot and intestines in a tumble, we know what happens then!

Let Venus in Virgo use her kind and compassionate approach, she has a soft spot for the underdog and offers up lots of sympathy in service to others.

Pluto, the planet of evolution and transformation, is in Capricorn (authority, government, discipline) and will go direct on October 4. This is the last of the “big” planets to go direct, things can start moving forward towards the end of the year!

There are massive changes coming by December 2020, with Saturn and Jupiter leaving Capricorn (heavy Earth) moving into Aquarius (light Air), so hang tight, there is light at the end of the tunnel. We are in the home stretch of the evolutionary change and upheaval we are currently experiencing. 

Mercury, the planet of communication just entered the murky realms of Scorpio in September and will go retrograde on October 13. Scorpio is not the most expressive or communicative of signs, it likes to hide and is much more private that any other sign.

We may find it a bit more difficult to interact, or articulate what we want to say, however when we do, it will be powerful. We may feel a desire to get to the truth through occult, mystical, and supernatural exploration. When Mercury goes retrograde, issues with technology, contracts, phones, computers, reasoning, and communication come front and center. Patience!

If you can even believe it, it will go direct on the USA election day, November 3. This offers up good news for ballot counting and honest messaging, until then, tune out the radio, social media, and broadcasts. 

Mid-month on October 16 is a New Moon in Libra.

To start this new cycle, write down your intentions in areas of your life you need to find more balance; work, home, play, relationships, diet, etc. Where do you feel out of balance?

The air sign Libra rules over our 1-on-1 relationships such as marriage, significant others, best friends, and business partners. We are encouraged to set goals in our relationship communication, and maybe we are feeling more flirty and social, this is the time to take that chance on a significant other.

Libra rules the lower back, spend time strengthening the core to support the lower back, stretch and release with child’s pose and gentle twists. It also rules the kidneys and skin, stay hydrated and pay attention to any rashes or discoloration as often times the skin sends us signals for what is out of balance in our body.

Tune into self-care and especially practicing Pranayama, Libra is an air sign dominating most of the month of October until the sun moves into Scorpio on the 22.

Only three more months of 2020!

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