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When I first started my yoga business, I hated marketing.

I thought marketing meant I had to be the sleazy car salesman convincing people to buy something they didn’t need.

But I was WRONG!

When we don’t market, we actually do our students a dis-service. We know that yoga has the power to transform lives. But how will our students experience this transformation if they don’t even know we exist???

A few years ago, a car salesman convinced me to pay a few hundred more dollars for a back-up camera. I was reluctant and thought he was just trying to get more money out of me.

Now, I’m OBSESSED with my back-up camera!!!

It has SAVED me money!!

I am SO THANKFUL that car salesman “marketed” and “sold” me that back-up camera. He knew that it would improve my life.

And you, as a yoga teacher, KNOW that yoga will transform someone’s life. But they don’t know it. And they won’t know it, until you tell them about it.

You may be intimidated by marketing.

You may feel that since you’re not a marketing expert, you don’t know what to do.

I get it. Marketing is intimidating!

You may not be a marketing expert but you ARE a consumer. And that means you have experience with marketing. You are the target of every marketing campaign out there.

Together, let’s overcome your fear of marketing through the tools of self-awareness and yoga.

Examine WHY you buy the things you buy
  • WHY did you sign up for your first yoga teacher training course?
  • Did the details about the course appeal to you?
  • Or was there a FEELING you were looking for?
  • WHY did you choose your teacher training instead of a competitors?
  • Did you know the teacher? Did you trust the teacher? What did the teacher say/do that made you like or trust them?
  • WHY did you choose your hairdresser? Did someone refer you? Did you try a new hairdresser and he/she made you feel beautiful & confident?

Most of us buy things because we are looking for a FEELING. What FEELING are you trying to evoke with your workshop or event?

Use this knowledge and experience to market your own workshops. Focus on how you want to feel when you buy things and use this information to market to your audience.

Notice how brands market to you and make it EASY for you to buy

At the grocery store, walk down the cereal isle. You’ll see that kid’s cereal is at the eye level of a child. Raisin Bran is at the eye level of an adult. That’s not an accident- that’s on purpose.

Where do you hang your yoga workshop flyers? Are you hanging them in a place where people need your services or just at random coffee shops?

Notice how EASY it is to buy on Amazon or online. There’s only three clicks to buy something on Amazon now.

How easy is it for people to sign up and pay for your workshop or event? Are there too many options that they get distracted?

Notice your behavior with coupons and sales

Do you buy something on Amazon Prime Day just because it’s Amazon Prime Day and it’s on sale?

Do you buy something that you have a coupon for because you need to use the coupon by the expiration date?

Did your yoga teacher training offer a discount to sign up early or pay in full? Did you take advantage of it? Did you feel like it was sleazy? Or that it was a good deal?

Do you offer a coupon for your workshop? Or an early-bird discount?


I’m NOT a marketing expert. But I am an expert in my own behavior. And I’m a yogi, so I’m much more aware of my behavior.
Use this awareness for your own marketing. None of this is scary. We are simply helping people CHANGE their LIVES through the power of yoga!!



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