Sirena’s Star Report: September

Good thing September starts with the Sun in Virgo because we are going to need some grounding and a sense of stability.

Many planets are shifting gears this month, which may feel like internal earthquakes. Virgo is an Earth sign and the last month of Summer in the northern Hemisphere, Winter in the southern hemisphere. It likes to get organized, or at least know where the organized piles are. It loves cleanliness, good grammar, little details, service to others, discernment, and especially holistic health and wellness. 

Virgo rules over the lower abdomen, intestines and nervous system, pay very close attention to your digestion during this time as our bowels can get quite irritable – remember, our intestines are our second brain, be kind to it and feed yourself well. Standing and supine twists are fantastic for encouraging healthy digestion. Intestines are directly affected by our nerves as well, ever have to run to the bathroom because you are extremely nervous about something?

Calm those nerves with a fantastic breath that I call the Vagus Nerve Breath – or the Virgo Nerve Breath – because Virgos tend to have a lot of anxiety. 

Inhale through the nose, then exhale about two or three times as long through the mouth, pursing the lips as if you are blowing out a candle. Do this at least nine times to help the Vagus nerve release a relaxation chemical touching each organ. 

As a mutable sign Virgo has an easy time adjusting and is flexible in the moment, that is the quality we will most need in September – learn to go with the flow, just like Virgo’s counterpart Pisces as well.

On September 2 there is a Full Moon in emotional water sign Pisces.

This moon illuminates our emotion, even those emotions hidden in the dark corners of our psyche, we need to feel to heal. A wonderful way to heal is to find a way to express yourself through your imagination via art, drawing, painting, playing music, or writing. Intuition increases during a Pisces full moon as the veil thins between ethereal Heaven (Pisces) and realistic Earth (Virgo). Pisces rules the feet and is the symbol of the fish, toe balancing poses and fish pose are wonderful ways to connect with this energy.

Mars, the planet of action, anger, and war is in Aries and will shift gears and go retrograde September 9.

Our frustration and anger can internalize as retrograde means that it looks like it is going backwards in the sky, it may force us to reanalyze the current cycle we are going through in our life. It also puts the breaks on projects and new goals, forcing us to slow down, watch out for headaches as Aries rules the head. There is some good news though about planets shifting direction, Jupiter the benefic planet of good luck will go direct on September 12 and Saturn the malefic planet of karmic lessons will go direct September 29. Both planets are in the sign of Capricorn. Having any knee issues? Capricorn rules knees and you can see some improvement in this area. This is heavy energy because Capricorn is an Earth sign and rules over authority, government, and structure. 

A New Moon in Virgo ushers in a sense of hope on September 17.

If you have been wanting to start a new health or daily routine, begin a new wellness plan or sign up to volunteer or teach, this is the time to do it. A new moon is a new beginning, time to write it down and manifest a fresh start. Keep in mind Virgo rules over the intestines and nervous system, this is a good new moon week to engage in alternative healing modalities, for example sound healing, acupuncture, restorative yoga, hot springs soak, massage, and reiki. 

September closes out with the Fall Equinox when the Sun enters Libra on the 22.

Libra is an air sign ruled by the planet of love Venus. Venus likes beauty, pleasure, and relationship. The equinox asks us to find balance, as the day light is equal to the nighttime. Libra is the scales and also places emphasis on justice, fairness and quality, we may see an uprising of this in our own life, fighting for our own equality and that for others. Libra rules the lower back, strengthening the core with boat pose or variations of bridge pose can help alleviate pain in the lower back.

However, trust me, you’re going to want to take a child’s pose this month, work that in everyday! 

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