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Marketing is about building know, like & trust with your audience.

Because of its ability to connect us, social media is a wonderful way to build know, like and trust with your audience.

Here’s a few tips for your social media marketing:


It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by social media – “which hashtags should I use? Which platforms should I post to? What time of day is best?”

Honestly- none of these questions matter if you don’t post.

So don’t worry about these questions!!! Just post on whatever platform you feel most comfortable with, post whenever you can, and use whatever picture you have.

The most important part is that you actually START!


Please post regularly. You can’t expect to post 1 time and people will register. We are constantly bombarded with information. People need to see things multiple times and be reminded of deadlines and upcoming events.

If you have trouble posting regularly, schedule your posts with an app like Later, Hootsuite, etc.


Pictures of flyers, posts focused on just registering people don’t work.

People are looking for QUALITY. You need to PROVE to them why they should work with you.

Add any posts about props, poses, meditation, pranayama, mantra, etc to your own social sites so people start to build trust with you and your knowledge.


Respond to questions and comments and followers will start to convert into paying customers.

Interact with people on social media. DM them, tag them, comment on their posts, etc. Engagement is the whole goal of social media so don’t be shy!


Only about 4% of your business page’s followers see your business page content. That’s a really small number!! Facebook’s algorithms support group posts and personal posts over business pages so make sure to post on your personal page. You may think your family or friends don’t want to see your posts but if you post quality content on your personal page they will actually appreciate it.

When I was trying to fill my neck and shoulder pain workshop, I posted videos and poses for neck and shoulder pain. My family LOVED the posts and even asked for more! Of course, I knew my cousin Dustin wasn’t going to attend my workshop, but it was still great to connect with him and offer quality content for him.

And who knows, since he commented on my post, maybe one of his friends will see it and attend the workshop!


Maybe you want to boost this? Post in the FB Event. As the deadline for your workshop approaches, message every single person who replied “Interested” or “Going” in your event. People need to be reminded of things. For my SD teacher training, I registered 2 people by using this technique. Build a relationship with your following.


FB recently announced that they will be showing more content on our newsfeed from our groups so this can be a great way to highlight your events. Every group has different rules so make sure you ask before you post.

Engagement works BEST! Join a group but contribute more than just “sales pitches.”

Ask questions in the group, engage in the comments, and provide quality content in the group. Highlight pictures of poses, props, your workshop space and more. People buy from people they know, like and trust. Build this connection in FB groups.


How do you like to market? What are some of your favorite tips for social media? We’d love to hear about your favorite social media strategies in the Yoga Teacher Talk FB Group!!


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