Belly Breathing Issues
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Belly Breathe - Why I Don't Anymore

Here I explain the issues with belly breathing and offer other breathing methods. This is crucial in avoiding further harm if you have a weak pelvic floor.
Establish Yoga Practice Habit | Allison Rissel
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How to Build Your Personal Yoga Practice

The most common struggle yoga teachers have is maintaining a personal practice. Here are 4 easy steps to establish a regular yoga practice habit.
Low back pain | Do's and Don'ts
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Low Back Pain - The Do's and Don'ts

Lower back pain affects sedentary people as well as highly-trained athletes. Follow these do's and don'ts as a great preventative method for low back pain.
Kegels | Common Myths & Exercises
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Kegels - Common Myths and Exercises

So many men, women, and even children suffer from pelvic floor weakness. Here are the common myths about Kegels and how to do them properly and safely.
Pelvic Floor Workshop - End Pelvic Floor Pain
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End Pelvic Floor Pain with these Simple Poses

A big difference between a strong pelvic floor and a tight pelvic floor - The latter causes pain! Practice these simple poses to end your pelvic floor pain.
Kapha Dosha
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Understanding Kapha Dosha

New to Ayurveda? Check out my Intro to Ayurveda blog to discover your dośa. Kapha dosha governs stability, structure and the sweetness of our lives. It’s related to the lungs and it forms the muscle, fat, and bone within our body. Kapha…
Understanding Pitta
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Understanding Pitta | Balance, Nutrition & Tips

Here's everything you need to know about Pitta, including Pitta Constitution, How to Balance Pitta, Nutritional Guidelines & Teacher/Therapist Tips
Understanding Vata - Balance, Nutrition & Tips
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Understanding Vata | Balance, Nutrition & Tips

Here's everything you need to know about Vata, including Vata Constitution, How to Balance Vata, Nutritional Guidelines & Teacher/Therapist Tips
Mandala Flow Yoga Sequence
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Mandala Flow Yoga Sequence

As yoga teachers, we can get burned out teaching the same flow over and over again. This super fun Mandala Flow breaks the rut for teachers and students!
Combining Yoga & Ayurveda
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Combining Yoga and Ayurveda

Ayurveda and yoga complement each other. By combining Ayurveda with yoga, we can enhance our practice with proper digestion and lifestyle tools.