By Kayla Fox of Kayla Fox Yoga

People join yoga teacher training for a variety of reasons. Some people want to be yoga teachers but a lot of people never teach a single class. Enrolling in a yoga teacher training can be a very rewarding experience and can help you grow physically, mentally, and emotionally. 

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably been considering embarking on this road. So, how do you know when the time is right to join?

Here are 5 signs you’re ready for yoga teaching training, even if you have no interest in teaching yoga.



In Camp Utopia’s 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training (YTT), we allow you to explore your thoughts, feelings, ambitions, and self-improvements. The practices taught in this training gives you a life time of tools to utilize on your self-discovery journey. When you self-discover you become aware of blinded opportunities, learn what self-improvements are needed to enrich your life, and how to express your feelings in a healthy way. During the training I learned it’s not always easy digging deep down inside your heart and into your soul but it’s crucial to discover who you really are so that you can be the best version of you!


Deepen Your Physical Practice:

Camp Utopia’s trainings brings all levels of fitness together to learn different body types, injuries, strengths, and flexibility levels including learning about your own physical anatomy. Learning about your body gives you confidence to advance your practice. Or it may teach you the right modifications and variations needed to ensure safety within your practice. When I discovered body awareness in the training my physical practice grew. I gained more strength and my flexibility improved because I knew what my body needed. 



As your physical practice grows and your mental wellness flourishes confidence naturally comes. Being in a supportive environment also helps open up your confidence. You will discover hidden strengths you have throughout the training but when you’re surrounded by encouraging yogis you somehow find a greater excitement to act upon those talents. 


Abundance of Support in The Yoga Community:

As you dive deeper into your yoga journey, others around you are supporting your journey too. As yoga communities grow around us, authentic relationships form, and wellness grows! We are a community of love and support and you will always have yoga friends to cheer you on. 


Become a Leader-Teacher:

Teacher Training will support you in becoming the best version of you. When you are creative and authentic you send off positive vibes to those around you and you inspire the community to take action in their health and wellness. As a teacher you lead the community by example and your experiences. You realize as you share yoga, you have a big impact on your student’s/client’s lives. It’s a gratifying feeling knowing that by simply sharing my passion of yoga I can change the lives around me in a positive way! 

Kayla Fox of Kayla Fox Yoga started her yoga journey in 2013 when she began practicing Bikram yoga in Northern California. Throughout her journey she has experienced the physical and emotional healing powers of yoga and is determined to share it with everyBODY. Her enthusiasm led her to Camp Utopia’s YTT in March of 2016 where she graduated with an RYT 200 certification along with obtaining the knowledge and skills to teach yoga in her community. Now after two years Kayla teaches All Levels yoga classes, yoga workshops and private sessions where she works with clients who suffer from chronic pain. She truly believes yoga can enrich the lives of everyone and Kayla is passionate about creating an inspiring yoga community in Eastern Montana where she currently resides. Kayla’s future aspirations are becoming a Yoga Therapist and teaching safe and ethical Yoga Teacher Trainings. She is a fun, loving, and encouraging yogi who has a strong desire to never stop learning.