Teaching Yoga for the Pelvic Floor

Over 50% of women suffer from pelvic floor issues. By taking my Teaching Yoga for the Pelvic Floor workshop, you’ll be able to help them through the power of yoga!

By the end of this workshop, you’ll feel more comfortable teaching yoga for your students suffering from pelvic floor dysfunction, incontinence and SI joint pain. Perhaps you’ll even start your own workshops or class series just for students with pelvic floor dysfunction!

Throughout this training, you’ll learn the anatomy and biomechanics of the pelvic floor, breathing practices and asana poses to help improve the function of the pelvic floor and common pelvic floor problems.

Are you ready to help your students overcome pelvic floor pain or incontinence issues? Or maybe you’re looking for help with your own pelvic floor issues! No matter your reason, this training will give you the tools for success.

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I hope you can join us as we create a community of yoga teachers ready to serve their clients with pelvic floor dysfunction.

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I’m Allison Rissel,

and I believe one good yoga teacher can change a life and create a community.

My passion and inspiration for helping other yoga teachers is contagious and I harness this to inspire other yoga teachers to overcome self-doubt and burnout. I am dedicated to assisting yoga teachers to connect with their authenticity, enabling them to become powerful leaders of transformation in their yoga communities. 

I became a yoga teacher in 2006. In addition to my master’s degree in exercise physiology, I have completed over 2,000 hours of formal yoga and yoga therapy trainings. I use my knowledge and experience to guide yoga teachers along their yoga teacher journey, supporting them through the mental, spiritual, and physical challenges that they face.  

I am the founder of the Yoga Teacher Conf and co-founder of the North Dakota Yoga Conference and the 406 Yoga Conference, dedicated to connecting the yoga community through cultivating deeper awareness and education.

I’m an extroverted optimist and I love hiking, skiing, and connecting in nature with my husband, Sean.

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