What if YOU could create a better yoga experience for you and your students?


(without feeling like you’ve been doing it “wrong” all these years!)

If you’re a yoga teacher…

You’ve probably heard words like Chakras, Nadi’s, Kosha’s and Pranavayu’s without actually understanding what they mean or how they apply to your classes.

But these concepts are the KEY to creating yoga experiences.

Even if you’ve studied yoga for years, understanding, experiencing and teaching these concepts isn’t as easy as you may think.



A course to help you……


You know that yoga is more than just physical exercise. But you really don’t understand how. And so you can’t take your students to the next level until you fully understand how to get them there.


You want to help your students. But you just don’t feel confident in your ability to move them forward. Learning the deeper levels of yoga will give you the tools to hold space and help your students advance mentally and emotionally in their practice.


Use more than just anatomical terms when describing the poses. You won’t learn cues that are passed down. You’ll experience new cues in your body that allows your teaching to be authentic.


Stand out as a yoga teacher by explaining the depth and meaning of the ancient practices of yoga.

I took teacher training because I wanted to explore the poses of yoga more in-depth. I wanted to learn more about connecting the mind, breath and body in person to person setting.

I had completed a ton of self work before starting teacher training, so I wasn’t expecting much change from myself – Boy was I surprised. I have become better at setting boundaries, better at self study, better at energy work, more focused, more comfortable in my own skin. I released some things that were weighing me down. I feel lighter and more free.

Allison is very gifted at making everyone feel so special, accepted and valued.

Kelly Blomberg

Yoga Teacher

People think unlocking their energetic anatomy can only happen in deep meditation.

but that’s just not true!

Every pose and every yoga class is an opportunity for your students to connect with their energetic body, no matter your level of teaching experience. 

The fact is most yoga teachers don’t make it through to the deeper levels of yoga even though they’ve been teaching for years.


Here’s why that can be a massive problem:

To stand out as a yoga teacher and create classes that your students tell their friends about, you must learn how to connect with them – physically, mentally and emotionally. 

When you provide your students with the tools for deeper healing, they will come back to your classes over and over again. 

4 Reasons Most Yoga Teachers Generally Fail To Create Great Yoga Experiences



Or your personal practice hasn’t changed in years!

It’s hard to create great yoga experiences without actually practicing yoga and experiencing your own energetic anatomy. And I know that it’s hard to keep a personal yoga practice when you’re teaching 15 classes/week. But you need a personal practice to stay inspired. Unlocking your energetic anatomy will help you discover new layers of your practice so you look forward to creating new yoga classes!



And you don’t know any experienced yoga teacher who can teach it.

Many yoga teacher trainings don’t cover subtle body anatomy. It’s not their fault, it’s just that it’s often misunderstood or left out of Western yoga and the practices weren’t passed down. You’ll finally get a chance to experience it within your body so you can teach it to your students. 



Breath is Energy.

Improper breathing = improper energy. Breathing correctly not only enhances your energy and subtle body anatomy but it positively affects your physical health as well. Just because you’re a yoga teacher doesn’t mean you learned how to breathe properly.



Rather than trying to feel each pose for your body.

We get really obsessed with proper anatomical alignment in the West rather than honoring the individual differences of ourselves and our students. It’s more important to FEEL each pose in your body.

I wanted to learn the why’s and the benefits of yoga and I wanted to build confidence within my practice to help others.  This training opened up my heart and my mind to new ways of thinking and looking at teaching and the world.

Allison is an amazing teacher and made me feel heard, appreciated and confident as a new teacher.

Ashlyn Zellefrow

Yoga Teacher

We must stop thinking about yoga postures as Right vs. Wrong.

Yoga postures are living, breathing, constantly changing poses. There is no one-size-fits-all posture, rather, we make adjustments for each individual person every single day based on how they are feeling. 

The pose fits the person. The person doesn’t fit the pose. 



The course for yoga teachers who want to deepen their personal practice, advance their teaching and help their students unlock new layers within themselves.

UNLOCK YOUR ENERGETIC ANATOMY isn’t so much a training program as it is an experience and opportunity to connect deeply with your personal yoga practice. 

Yes, you’ll learn the strategies behind everything you do, but more importantly, you’ll experience yoga within your body on a deep level that allows you to hold space for your students and connect with them on a deeper level, creating more impact in their lives.

The end result: you’ll feel connected to your body and breath and personal practice on a deeper level. You’ll feel inspired to teach yoga again and you’ll connect with an amazing group of yoga teachers that will uplift and support you!


is the first course of its kind that…


So many trainings teach subtle body anatomy with Sanskrit words and lecture that doesn’t really allow you to experience the deeper levels.

Subtle body anatomy can’t be memorized. It can only be felt and experienced. Once you feel and experience it yourself, you’ll be able to see and understand the changes that are happening within your students.


You don’t need to know Sanskrit to feel energy and experience the power of yoga. I believe in honoring the ancient practice of yoga, so you’ll hear the correct pronunciation of Sanskrit. But you don’t need to know it in order to understand exactly what I’m saying. 


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Allison Rissel

Allison Rissel

Your Teacher & Cheerleader

Hey! I’m Allison!

Over the past four years, I dove deeper into my personal practice and experienced the profound effects of yoga and subtle body anatomy working in my life. Again. 

My practice and teaching transformed. 

I now want to share what I learned through my 2000 hours of formal yoga and yoga therapy training plus 15 years of teaching experience. 

My yoga therapy teacher, Hansa Knox, is of the Kripalu tradition and has over 45 years of yoga teaching experience.

I believe the best teacher is experience. We can only truly teach what we have personally experienced. I won’t lecture you or force you to believe anything. I believe that my job as a teacher is to hold the space for you to experience yoga working in your life.

Here’s how it all breaks down…

Join us LIVE every Thursday from 10AM – 12PM MST or access all of the recordings.

Module 1
What Is My Subtle Body Anatomy?

February 18

access your subtle body

Tools to help you instantly access and unlock your energetic anatomy.

uncovering the layers of trauma

Why the “issues are in our tissues.”

breath & prana

Learn the best physical and energetic breathing technique for your body.

connect with Spirit

Without feeling woo-woo or interfering with your religious beliefs

daily breathing meditations

I take deeper, longer, more relaxed breaths.

the words

An overview of Nadi’s, Kosha’s, Pranavayu’s, Chakras and all of the terms you’ve heard but been too embarrassed to ask about

Module 2
The Koshas

February 25

Discover your Self

Experience a Kosha journaling experience to discover your true Self. Who are you really?

Develop a Personal Sankalpa

A Sankalpa is a personal statement or affirmation that guides your life.

The Koshas

What are they really? How do they relate to yoga? 

New Cues for your Teaching

Learn new kosha language cues for your asana poses to help your students go deeper.

daily yoga nidra meditations

You’ll feel the koshas working in your life through your meditation practice

How does yoga work?

Discover a fuller context of what’s happening for your students in a yoga class


Hold Space

Learn how to help your students with emotional processing and blocks

Module 3

March 4

Feel More in your poses

Feel energy moving through your body.

Go Deeper

Go deeper in your poses without working harder.

More than muscles and bones

Feel the energy in your poses beyond just your muscles and bones working. 

What's happening

Understand what’s happening IN a posture (besides muscles & bones)

Let go

Access and release deeper layers of muscular tension

Module 4
All Subtle Body Anatomy Tools

March 11


Energy is available at your fingertips

marma points

Release tension within your body


Bring imbalances back into alignment

Eastern Medicine Tools

How Chinese medicine and yoga align


Mantra’s for personal growth and development

And to Make Sure You’re Supported Every Step Of The Way, You’ll Also Get Access to:

The Mighty Networks Community – Unlock Your Energetic Anatomy

Finally, a place where you can ask all of your questions and receive support and advice!

Seriously, ask ANY question. I LOVE talking about yoga. 😉

Our incredible community of yoga teachers are looking to deepen their personal practice, enhance their communities and grow their yoga businesses.

This program is for you if you:

Want to experience the true benefits of yoga, not just a work-out

Want to feel more than just the muscles & bones in your yoga poses

Are wanting to develop a more consistent personal practice

Have a deep desire to help your students overcome their limiting beliefs

Want to understand what’s happening in a yoga class beyond just the physical postures

Are a yoga teacher or have been practicing yoga for several years

Want to develop a fuller context of what’s happening in a yoga class

This program is not for you if you:


  • Believe there’s only one “right” way to practice or teach yoga
  • Are unwilling to do the work
  • Want to “heal” others. (We believe that you cannot heal someone. You can only provide the tools for them to heal themselves.)
  • Are not open-minded
  • Believe that yoga is only exercise

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm not a yoga teacher, can I still participate?

Of course! If you have a willingness to learn and be a part of a community of yogi’s we invite you to join us. However, these concepts do extend beyond a basic training. I recommend that you have a strong personal practice in order to get the most out of the workshop.

I'm a yoga teacher, but I never learned about Subtle Body Anatomy. Can I still attend?

YES! This course is made for you! You’ll learn new terms but all material will still be presented in a way that is understandable and relatable.

How can I trust this information?

Great question! You don’t have to believe anything that I teach in this workshop. I expect you to question everything I say in this workshop, experience it for yourself and then ask yourself if you trust it.

I will teach you the material and then ask you to experience for yourself.  Your personal experience is the only thing you can truly trust. 

How does this honor the teachings of yoga?

I believe it’s important that we honor the teachings of yoga. I will work to respect the classical teachings that were brought over to the West. I aim to teach the deeper layers of yoga that go beyond asana. By teaching these subtle layers and giving credit where it is deserved, I will honor the teachings of yoga. I also abide by a strict Code of Ethics. If interested, email me and I will send it to you. allison@allisonrissel.com

What gives you the credibility to teach this?

I have completed over 2000 hours of formal yoga and yoga therapy training. I have been teaching yoga for 15 years. Over the past four years I have experienced subtle body anatomy in my body and it has transformed my life and personal practice.

I am not a Spiritual guide or a guru. I’m just a teacher who wants to inspire other teachers to deepen their personal practice.

Is this Live or Recorded?

The course will be a combination of LIVE and pre-recorded content. You do not have to attend LIVE. You will receive access to all recorded material for 6 months!

LIVE dates: Thursdays 10AM – 12PM MST
Feb 18
Feb 25
March 4
March 11

How do I get access to the content?

You should receive a confirmation email after you purchase that will include log in instructions to the Yoga Teacher Conf Mighty Networks portal. Once you log in you’ll have access to all content as it is released.

Is there a Facebook Group I can join?

We’ve created a Mighty Network in order to stay in touch without the distractions of FB. Keep checking your emails!

I still have questions!

Let’s chat! Send me an email and let’s schedule a time to talk. allison@allisonrissel.com

I can't attend live, how can I get my questions answered?

Ask your question in our Mighty Network! I’ll be checking it regularly to answer any of your questions!

I’m Allison Rissel,

and I believe one good yoga teacher can change a life and create a community.

My passion and inspiration for helping other yoga teachers is contagious and I harness this to inspire other yoga teachers to overcome self-doubt and burnout. I am dedicated to assisting yoga teachers to connect with their authenticity, enabling them to become powerful leaders of transformation in their yoga communities. 

I became a yoga teacher in 2006. In addition to my master’s degree in exercise physiology, I have completed over 2,000 hours of formal yoga and yoga therapy trainings. I use my knowledge and experience to guide yoga teachers along their yoga teacher journey, supporting them through the mental, spiritual, and physical challenges that they face.  

I am the founder of the Yoga Teacher Conf and co-founder of the North Dakota Yoga Conference and the 406 Yoga Conference, dedicated to connecting the yoga community through cultivating deeper awareness and education.

I’m an extroverted optimist and I love hiking, skiing, and connecting in nature with my husband, Sean.

Learn more about the Yoga Teacher Conf.