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The title of your workshop is the first impression of your workshop. Students will immediately know if they want to attend or not based on the title. 

Creating a good title will hook the student and make them want to learn more about the workshop. 

So, how can we create a really GREAT title that will make people want to buy?


SOLVE A PROBLEM with your workshop title.

Which workshop would you rather attend?

Yoga for the Pelvic Floor vs. Reduce Your Incontinence with Yoga for the Pelvic Floor

These workshops could be exactly the same thing! In the second workshop, I may talk a bit more about incontinence but overall, the students will learn yoga exercises and breathing techniques for the pelvic floor. 

How to Create A Yoga Workshop vs. Make More Money by Hosting A Yoga Workshop

You don’t want to just learn how to create a yoga workshop. You want to MAKE MORE MONEY with your yoga workshop. So of course, you’re more likely to buy the second workshop.

Your students want to know WHY they should buy. What problem will this workshop solve for them? 

When we can solve a problem with our workshop title, it will automatically hook the student and they will be more willing to spend their time and money with you.

One word of warning though- when you set up your workshop title- make sure you can DELIVER on the results. If you claim that your workshop will help with incontinence, then you better be prepared to do a lot of work with incontinence. Don’t focus on shoulders in an incontinence workshop. 

Also, avoid saying things like “heal” or “fix.”  We are not doctors and we can’t “heal” or “fix” anyone. We can work to help people “decrease” their pain, or “overcome” their anxiety but we can’t heal or fix anyone and making these kinds of claims can get you in legal trouble with the medical community. 


Start your workshop title with a VERB. 

This will make people understand the benefits of the workshop. 

Chakra Stone Workshop vs. Discover the Magical Properties of the Chakra Stones

A workshop description can vary in length and it really depends on how much room you have on your flyer or other marketing materials.  If you have a really good title, you should only need a short description.  

Continue focusing on HOW you will help solve this problem for your students. Keep it brief and simple. You may want to provide one sentence identifying with their problem, then provide one to two sentences describing HOW you will help solve the problem for your students then outline the basic format of the workshop. 

Remember, avoid saying things like “heal” or “fix.”


Avoid using words that people don’t know

If your target audience is beginning yoga students, then you wouldn’t create a workshop titled: Uncoil the Kundalini Energy of the Spine

What does that even mean?  Are you going to talk to spirits? 

Our students don’t understand all the fancy yoga language and a lot of them don’t really care to understand it.  They just want to know HOW you will solve their problem.  

It’s easy to forget that your students may not know all the fancy words, lingo and language of a professional yoga teacher. 

Test your title on your non-yogi friends and family members. Ask them if it makes sense or if they get lost in the description.  

Your students WANT to buy from you, make it easy for them and provide clear and concise language. 

If you follow these tips, you’ll create a great first impression and you’ll fill your workshop quickly! 

If you have a few awesome titles to choose from, create a poll in the Yoga Teacher Talk FB group and we can help you narrow down your options!



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