Yoga Books to Read While Social Distancing (+ podcasts)

Find new yoga books to read and new podcasts!

It’s a chaotic time right now and you may feel like putting off your yoga practice.

But this is actually the BEST time to pick up new yoga books to read.

Yoga doesn’t just happen on the mat.

Yoga is a lifestyle and we can continue our practice through self-study and reading yoga books and listening to yoga podcasts.

So if you find yourself with a little extra time on your hands, don’t binge watch Netflix (except for Tiger King – that show is crazy!).

Spend some time in study of your Self and your yoga practice.

Some podcasts include:

The Connected Yoga Teacher

 Yoga is Dead

…and more!

My recommended books include:

Teaching Beyond the Yoga Poses

The Holotropic Breathwork

…and so many more!

Tag me on IG @allisonrissel with a pic of your new book or your new podcast.

I can’t wait to see what you discover!


PS: Thank you to all my inspirational yoga friends for contributing to this list. Much love! ?