During a time in our lives where we are deprived of our serene yoga studios, finding a calming and peaceful place might have us staying in our living room. As tempting as it is to stay in our confined space, you might want to consider doing your yoga outside.

Have you practiced yoga outside? Here are 4 reasons to encourage you to take your yoga practice outdoors. Try it while the weather is warm.


Increased relaxation

Everywhere you look, people are stressed out. In fact, studies suggest that 47% of the adult population are concerned with the amount of stress in their lives.

Nature can be a great healer. Spending time outdoors can help alleviate stress. Being surrounded by nature makes you feel more calm and relaxed. It allows us to truly disconnect from any nagging thoughts. Practicing yoga outside will help reduce your stress levels and make you feel better in an instant.


Connect with nature

We are creatures of nature. Practicing yoga outside allows us to connect with the roots of our being. There is something magical about practicing yoga while feeling the earth beneath your toes and feeling the heat from Mother Nature herself.


Grow your practice

When you’re used to practicing yoga indoors, it is easy to feel self-conscious especially if it’s your first time to practice outdoors.

When you leave the four wall of the yoga studio, people will be sharing your space, the ground may be uneven or the sun may be shining in your eyes. Taking your yoga practice outside can help build your resilience and add variety to your practice.


Heighten awareness

When you go outside of your normal routine and feel the earth beneath your feet, all of your senses awaken. Our skin absorbs the warmth of the sun. We can feel the breeze blowing around us. Our ears can pick up birds chirping in the distance. We can smell the scent of the flowers. We can appreciate the stunning view in front of us. With these senses awakened, we feel more present.