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Are you feeling the yoga teacher burnout?

Do you ever get tired of teaching the same old boring yoga poses?

Do you feel like you’re teaching the same poses over and over again?

Here’s six ways to add variety to a normal class and mix it up for yourself and your students.

Overcome Yoga Teacher Burnout: ROBOT ARMS

I like to do these in any “normal yoga pose” to help mix it up for my students. Try them in Goddess, Warrior II or Mountain Pose.
The internal and external rotation is a great movement for people with shoulder mobility issues.


Since so many of us are typing, texting and overusing our thumbs and wrists, we need to stretch them. Often, as I do this wrist movement, I can feel a stretch up in my shoulders.

Try it in Warrior II.


Your shoulder is the most mobile joint in your body. It moves in 12 different directions! It’s important that we keep our shoulders mobile but also strong and stable.

Tea Cup helps move your shoulders in a variety of directions to help keep your shoulders mobile, strong and stable.

Try it in Warrior I or Reverse Warrior.


Combat carpal tunnel syndrome, golfer’s elbow or tennis elbow with funky glasses!

A lot of your students may struggle with this pose at first. I find it can be a brain teaser for some students!


We can’t forget about our wonderful hips! Our hips need to be strong and stable to support us throughout the day and prevent low back pain.

As you do these, make sure to keep your spine neutral. Lift your leg only as high as you can without moving your torso. Notice any differences side-to-side. Often, one leg will lift a lot higher than the other.


This can be a brain teaser for a lot of people so you may have to help them with this movement the first time.

In this pose, we are strengthening your small hip stabilizers, the Obturator Internus and Externus.

Strengthening your hip stabilizers can help prevent sciatica and help pre-hab and re-hab post hip surgery.

What are some yoga poses that you like to add in to your yoga class? Tell me on IG @allisonrissel.


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