Build a Personal Yoga Practice

5-Day Online Challenge

For Yoga Teachers

This 5-Day Yoga Challenge is for all yoga teachers struggling to maintain a personal practice.

This challenge will help renew your passion for teaching yoga. It will inspire you to teach more creatively and you’ll move your practice BEYOND the mat.

The challenge aims to help you grow as an individual and as a teacher.

You choose how much time to practice, and I provide the practice.

Dear fellow yoga teacher,


  • Your body is too tired at the end of the day after teaching?
  • You don’t want to think about putting together another yoga sequence?
  • You want to be a student without going to a studio?
  • You can’t fit another yoga practice into your busy schedule?
  • You’re on the verge of yoga teacher burnout?


As yoga teachers, it can be hard to stay committed to a personal practice.

Between the yoga classes, yoga workshops, and yoga trainings that we regularly teach and attend, our bodies and energy levels can feel too depleted to complete our personal practice.

Yet, when we don’t make it to our mat, we can feel our teaching suffer. Our sequences can feel boring. Our inspiration can get drained. Our energy levels get depleted. And we can suffer from guilt when we don’t “practice what we preach.”

A Personal Practice Can Inspire Your Teaching and Transform Your Life

By participating in this 5-day Challenge you will…

FEEL PROUD OF YOURSELF for practicing what you preach.

PREVENT YOGA TEACHER BURNOUT which allows you to teach more classes and make a bigger community impact.

HAVE MORE ENERGY to spend time with your students, family and friends.

FEEL MORE CREATIVE allowing you to create new sequences and inspire others.

BECOME STRONGER – physically, mentally and spiritually.

BUILD BETTER RELATIONSHIPS. A personal practice teaches us to be more present and appreciative in our relationships.

CREATE BALANCE in your life by including self-care routines.

OVERCOME ANXIETY AND DEPRESSION through focused and deep powerful breaths.

LOWER YOUR STRESS LEVELS and feel more in control throughout your day.

What You Receive During the Challenge

  • Each day you’ll receive an email from me with your daily yoga practice.
  • Each email will include journal questions, guided meditations, breath practices and asana practices.
  • Daily mantras to empower and encourage positivity and success.

How it Works

  • I’ll email you with the yoga practice for the day.
  • Your challenge is to follow the prompts and practice. You can choose the 5-min practice, 10-min practice, 15-min practice or 20-min practice.
  • Each day you’ll feel inspired to teach your yoga classes and motivated to help others!
  • You’ll have the tools for an inspiring and motivating yoga class!

How to Join the Challenge

Joining the Challenge is easy.  Simply follow the steps below to save your spot in the challenge
Step 1: Take the first step.

Register for the Challenge by entering your email to the right.

Step 2: Check your email.

You’ll be sent a Welcome email with information on what you can do to prepare. If you’re a Gmail user be sure to check your Promotions folder in case it landed there.

Step 3: Get Started.

Set aside 5-20 minutes for your first challenge email! Get ready to rock and roll with your personal practice!

I’m Allison Rissel,

and I believe one good yoga teacher can change a life and create a community.

I am a consultant for yoga teachers, a yoga teacher trainer and a yoga therapist.

I became a yoga teacher in 2006. In addition to my master’s degree in exercise physiology, I have completed over 1,600 hours of yoga and yoga therapy trainings. I teach weekly group and private yoga therapy classes in Longmont, Colorado and I specialize in working with yoga teachers in chronic pain or pre/post-surgery.

I believe in the power of community and I’ve dedicated my life to helping build yoga communities. I’m the co-founder of the North Dakota Yoga Conference and I’m the president of the non-profit, Yoga Teachers of Colorado.

I offer in person 200 and 300 hour yoga teacher trainings in North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana and Colorado where I train yoga teachers to be knowledgable, safe, ethical and authentic community leaders. I also offer consultations for yoga teachers looking to create communities through conferences, studios, workshops and events.

I’m an extroverted optimist and I love hiking, skiing, being outdoors and enjoying a craft beer with my husband, Sean.

Meet Allison in her free FB group Yoga Teacher Talk.