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Teaching a multi-level yoga class can be incredibly challenging, especially transitioning to the floor and back up.

Many of our students are unable to swing their leg through their hands from a downdog.

Many of our students can’t even do a downdog because of wrist and shoulder injuries!

Too much forward folding can start to harm our lower back.

Here are 6 transition poses to move your students through a breath-based flowing yoga class without teaching a typical “vinyasa*” sequence.

*I am referring to a “vinyasa” sequence as: Plank → Chaturanga → Updog → Down Dog

If you’re looking for more tips on teaching a multi-level yoga class check this out: Teach a Multi-Level Yoga Class: 6 Tips You Need to Learn Today


Moving Into A Split Leg Position (e.g., Warriors, Wide Leg Forward Fold, etc.)
  1. Step Back
  2. Turn to the side of your mat → Step Wide → Turn the toes to the proper position
  3. Chair → Warrior III → Back foot lands in proper position
  4. Chair → Warrior III → Single Leg Squats → Back foot lands in proper position

Getting Down To The Ground

It can be too hard for our students to do lots of forward folds.

Step Foot Back and Slowly Lunge Back Knee to the Ground (use a chair if you need it) → Hands to the Ground

Down to The Belly

Forearms down to the ground → Wiggle Legs Back

Move Up From the Ground

Many of our students aren’t strong enough to do a reverse plank or push-up and are at a risk for throwing out their back. Here’s how you can move them SAFELY away from the ground.

From the belly → Forearms to the ground → Inchworm Butt Up → Come to the all 4’s

Down Dog to Lunge

We all know that people struggle with swinging their leg through from Down Dog to Lunge. Here’s how to make it more accessible.

Down Dog → Drop knees to all 4’s → Swing leg around the hands → Plant hands back down or on blocks

From All 4’s to Standing

Bring leg through hands (see above) → Step back foot forward to a low squat → Lift chest to Chair Pose → Push yourself up with the strength of your legs

When you can move your students safely and smoothly through challenging transitions, you’ll have more opportunities to teach a wider audience. You’ll be able to create a bigger impact in your community while making more money. Enjoy being seen as a leader in your community. 🙂


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