Allison Rissel’s Yoga Workshops

Inspiration and Continuing Education

Do you want to create a bigger impact for your yoga students?

Are you looking to generate passive revenue at your studio?
Do your teachers need Yoga Alliance CEU’s?

Workshops help yoga studios inspire and educate their yoga teachers and yoga students while generating additional passive income.

I’m searching for yoga studios who want to be leaders in their yoga communities and offer education for their teachers and students who can’t afford to travel to earn weekend CEU’s or update their yoga knowledge.

The workshops below vary in length from 2, 4 or 8-hour sessions to full weekends.

Ask me about pricing and how a full weekend workshop can save you money!

Yoga Workshop Topics

I am always looking to expand my repertoire so if you are interested in a different workshop or topic just ask! I’d love to help you, your students & your teachers in any way possible!

Relieve Your Neck and Shoulders

Learn basic shoulder anatomy and exercises to strengthen and stretch your shoulders and neck, protecting them, relieving pain and increasing your strength and flexibility.

*available for students & teacher trainings.

4 hours | 6 hours

Restore Your Pelvic Floor

Along with anatomy, this workshop will cover a series of specific exercises for self-discovery and poses and exercises to increase the flexibility, strength and coordination of each of the pelvic functions.

*available for students & teacher trainings.

4 hours | 6 hours

Dive into Your Breath

Learn the various pranayama techniques & their benefits and how to integrate them in to your daily life and yoga practice.

2 hours | 4 hours

Anatomy & Body Mechanics for Yogis

Ever wonder why you can’t get into a certain pose? Why something feels great or not so great? This workshop focuses on why certain yoga poses work for some people and not for others.

**** This class is great for teachers and students as it can shift their yoga practice in ways that normally take years to uncover.

4 hours | 8 hours

The Power of Your Voice!

Understand how to use your voice to empower, motivate, relax & calm your class. The Power of Your Voice will focus on using the elements from the 5th Chakra to help you become a more effective yoga teacher and better able to move your students in & out of poses.

*teachers or teacher trainings only

2 hours

Teaching Yoga for the Pelvic Floor - Online Workshop

Help your students improve their pelvic health using mind/body exercises for strength, flexibility and posture. Each week we will discuss the anatomy of the pelvic floor and discover how a weak or overly tight pelvic floor can lead to back pain, SI pain, incontinence problems and a painful sex life. Learn how to properly teach mulabandha and guide your students to better pelvic floor awareness. By the end of this course, you’ll feel comfortable teaching your own workshop or class series just for the pelvic floor!

*Available only for 200-hour yoga teachers or teachers in training

NEXT TRAINING: Wednesdays, Jan. 16-Feb. 6, 2019 – ONLINE!
Join us LIVE each week or get the recordings.


Hands-on Adjustment Workshop

Learn how to give efficient & clear hands-on adjustments. Build your expertise & confidence in helping your students align in their asanas.

*available for students & teacher trainings.

8 hours | 12 hours | 16 hours

Chakra Workshop

Take a tour through all 7 chakras. Learn about the chakra system and how each chakra relates to each other. We will explore, in depth, the colors of each chakra, the smells, the poses, and the all-encompassing energy & work within each chakra.

2 hours | 4 hours | 8 hours | can also be a 7 week series

Yoga Class Design for Peak Poses

Use & understand anatomy to help build your students into powerful poses.

*teachers or teacher trainings only

2 hours

Introduction to Ayurveda

Ayurveda, or the “science of life” is the ancient yogic “medicine” that acknowledges individual differences, imbalances, and treatments.

Learn simple principles of Ayurveda specifically for the yoga teacher and student to support inner balanceand strength – for you and your students.

  • Identify your dosa and it’s qualities
  • Learn what foods best support your dosa for a balanced life
  • Experience yoga practices and lifestyle routines best suited for your dosa
  • Learn how to cook ghee (ayurveda’s healing cure-all)
  • Receive recipes and learn how to cook for your dosa

*available for students or teacher trainings

4 hours | 6 hours with lunch included

Overcome Lower Back Pain

Is back pain ruining your day? You’re not alone. 85% of Americans will experience a major back pain episode in their life. Join us as we learn why back pain is so common and how yoga stretching and strengthening can play a role in pain relief and prevention.

We will then work through a 1.5 hour all levels yoga class covering a specific series of exercises for designed to increase the flexibility, strength and coordination of the lower back.

*available for students & teacher trainings.

4 hours | 6 hours

Sequencing & Cuing for Teachers

Yoga is a meditation. Good sequencing in a yoga class allows students to maintain a meditative state. Your sequence is one of the best tools you have to create a unique experience for your class. Learn the various ways to sequence a class and how to gracefully move your students between poses with your cuing.

*teachers or teacher trainings only.

2 hours


Learn how the chakra system relates to food and how we can use the chakra system in a powerful way to build healthy eating behaviors.

*requires a basic knowledge of the chakra system.

2 hours | 4 hours | can also be a 7 week series

I never had any proper training in hands-on adjustments and I was afraid of breaking my students. After taking Allison’s hands-on adjustments workshop, I feel so much more comfortable working with students and doing hands-on adjustments. Allison is such a wonderful and supportive woman. She is always available to ask for advice or information. Furthermore, Allison encourages you during your learning practice and she challenges you to listen to your own body while learning that every body is different.

-Andrea Lowry

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