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“Your workshop sounds great but……”

We all have a million excuses for not registering for a workshop or event even when we know it can transform our life. 

I’m totally guilty – I’ve MEANT to register for something but then completely forgot and missed the entire workshop!

Today, I’m sharing four marketing tips I’ve learned over the past few years to help convert your followers into paid workshop participants!


You’ve spent a lot of time choosing your workshop title and writing a good description that shows how you can help solve a problem. When you’re marketing, keep talking about the problem that you’re solving.

You’re not just teaching a workshop for lower back pain. You are helping people overcome their lower back pain so they can play on the ground with their children, or sleep throughout the night.

People are looking for a transformation so tell them how yoga can help them transform their life!

Remember, we’re not healing or fixing people, but we are helping them transform their lives through the power of yoga.


I use the sticky note system to help manifest my intentions. Just like a vision board, I hang up the sticky notes in a place where I see it daily. Every time I see it, I remember that I’m trying to fill up my workshop and it keeps the workshop fresh on my mind.

I also love using the stick notes to help me remember my communication with people. I get a lot of messages via email, IG, FB, text, etc. I can write down my communication with each person so I remember what we talked about, their concerns, their questions and finally when they register. This helps me stay in touch with everyone about the workshop!


I have a ton of success with early bird deadlines. Using an early bird deadline helps me market to my workshop participants and fill my workshop so I can buy materials and plan ahead of time.

With my early bird deadline, I set the price a little bit cheaper and encourage people to register by a certain date.

People always register at the last moment. It’s human nature.

Personally, I’ve 100% mentally committed to workshops and teacher trainings before, but I don’t sign up until the deadline! You can’t change this natural human behavior, but you can change the deadline.

For my yoga teacher training, I offer people a $450 discount if they register before the early bird deadline.

It’s a huge incentive for people!! It also gives me time to communicate with them and try to save them money.

My goal is that EVERYONE gets the early bird pricing.


People don’t like to search for things.

Add a link in your IG profile or your FB page that will DIRECTLY take them to your registration site.

I HATE searching for things online and clicking around.

Odd example, but I have bought a less desirable brand of toilet paper because it was out of stock on the shelf I could reach and I didn’t feel like searching for management to get a ladder and climb up to pull down the brand I want.

Odd example but hey- it’s human nature- the human body prefers to conserve energy and we don’t want to work for things. Make it easy to buy and people will actually buy!!

What marketing tips do you use?  Share them with us in the Yoga Teacher Talk FB Group!!


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