The New Year is always an introspective time in our lives.

It’s a time to look inside, see what we’ve accomplished this past year and move into the future fresh. Students are searching for New Years Eve Yoga Classes for an interesting and fresh theme to help them in the New Year.

New Year’s Yoga Classes offer a time of new beginnings and a time of closure.

This year, help your students create their best year ever by diving deeper in to their personal yoga practice with these three themes for the New Year.

How You Felt in 2019 —> How You Will Get There —> How You Want to Feel in 2020

You may want to hand out blindfolds to your students so there is no judgement and they can’t see other people. Create a safe and nurturing space for your students.

How You Felt in 2019

Ask your students to demonstrate a pose that expresses How They Felt in 2019. Was this an exciting year for them? Was this year a struggle and they felt overwhelmed? Did they feel anxious and frazzled? Allow them to express their pose for 1-5 minutes staying silent and holding space in the room.

How You Want To Feel in 2020

While they are holding their posture, ask them to move into a pose that expresses How They Want to Feel in 2020. They may struggle for a moment with transitions but it doesn’t have to be perfect. Just allow them to express whatever pose feels best for them without any judgement. Notice how the poses probably look happier and more vibrant. You may even see more smiles or notice the energy shift in the room. Again, hold for 1-5 minutes staying silent and holding the space.

How You Will Get There

Now, ask them to demonstrate a pose that will help them transition from the pose in 2019 to the pose in 2020. They may seem confused at first but encourage them to look deep within to find the pose that expresses the transition they need to take. Do you need to open your heart more? Do you need to slow down and do a very slow flow? Do you need to release anything? This pose will help bridge the gap for the person between who they were and who they want to be.

Spend a moment asking everyone to write down their poses and any thoughts or feelings that came up for them. 

You can also ask everyone to hand in their “transition” pose and create a yoga class sequence using their own transitions. Or perhaps create your own sequence while teaching from a place of deep introspection.

Create a personal mission statement for 2020 or even the next decade!!

Gather together for some journaling time and ask your students to write down 3 people they admire and love with all of their heart.

Then, ask them to write down 3 qualities that they admire or love about each person. WHY do you love or admire that person?

Notice any similarities between the words. Do you like similar things about each person?

Create an intention using the words of the qualities. Avoid using any negative words like “do not” or “never” etc. Stay focused on the positive.

Start the statement with “I am” using the qualities that you admire and love in others.

For example: “I am easy-going, positive and professional. I love myself and engage in regular self-care. I am smart, charismatic and charming around others.”

Write out 100 things you did this year.

Often, I feel like I never did “enough.” Another year has come and gone and I didn’t accomplish the unrealistic resolution I set in January so I feel like a complete failure.

It’s so easy to focus on the negatives, so this year, ask your class to focus on the things they ACCOMPLISHED in 2019.

Write down 100 things that you accomplished this year. It can range from the BIG things to the small things. If you did it then write it down!

Personally, I found the first 50 were actually pretty easy. Then it got harder and harder and I had to think a little deeper about it.

Go to IG and tell me in the comments, what TOP 5 things did you accomplish this year???

Mine are in the comments too. 😉


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