20 Minutes for YourselfTake 20 minutes for yourself every day!

A lot of times, when people think about exercise, they think of going to the gym and spending at least an hour on the treadmill. We’ve been conditioned to think of exercise as something that takes a long time and you have to be in the right place at the right time in order to do it.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

Exercise happens any time that you are moving. You’re taking the stairs to work today? Great! You’re exercising! ¬†You’re doing squats & lunges while completing housework? Great! You’re exercising. There’s so many easy ways to get your dose of exercise in each day that there’s really no excuse.

It can be hard to carve out an hour in your busy day.

However, 20 minutes is super easy! You may think, “But Allison, I’m really busy. I don’t even have an extra 20 minutes in my day.” Now, you’re just lying to yourself and making excuses. Anyone can wake up an extra 20 minutes early or go to sleep 20 minutes later. I’m not asking a lot, just 20 minutes.

This is especially important over the holidays.

Exercise is key to weight maintenance. So get out of bed & bust this out in 20 minutes and get on with your day. You’ll feel refreshed and ready for whatever holiday goodness is coming your way!

I included links to some of the exercises. If you’re unsure of an exercise just look it up on YouTube.com.

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25 Jumping Jacks
Soldier Kicks
Butt Kicks
Arm Circles

Complete each exercise for 40 seconds with 20 seconds of rest then move on to the next exercise.
Complete each circuit 3 times.

Circuit 1
Push-ups (on knees, toes or decline push-ups)

Circuit 2
Reverse Lunges (hand on a wall if you need to; keep the toe behind the knee!)
Back Extensions
Plank (on knees or toes-superplank if you’re up to it!)

Cool down & light stretching
Walk around a little to bring down your heart rate. Complete some light stretches like toe touches, side bending & gentle twists.

If you have extra time then try to add in some Tabatas. These Tabatas can be done as part of a workout or they can be your entire workout. It’s up to you! I like to add in a Tabata between Circuit #1 & Circuit #2.

Tabata Training
Complete each exercise for 20 sec with 10 sec of rest. Repeat for at least 2 minutes (all 4 exercises) and work your way up to 8 minutes.
Jumping Jacks
Squat Jumps
Cross Country Skiiers