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I once heard a statistic – Running a business is 80% marketing and 20% actually doing the work people pay you to do.

I agree with this!

When I run a workshop or teacher training, I spend A LOT of time engaging with others, answering questions, sending out flyers and asking people to register.

To run a successful event, you’ll do a lot of these same things.

Marketing workshops, teacher trainings and events is about building know, like and trust with your audience.

And we build know, like and trust every time we speak with someone in our classes or our friends or family members.

Let’s dive into the Know, Like and Trust of marketing:

KNOW- Future students have to know you exist in order to know about your offerings.

LIKE- Future students are going to invest a significant amount of time with you- they want to make sure they actually like you before committing that much time.

TRUST- We must prove our worth to our students to show that this is a good investment so they trust us with their money.

HOW do you build know, like & trust with your audience?
HOW do you market?
We market by CONNECTING with others.

Every expert out there will give you different advice. You’ll want to spend some time developing your unique marketing thumbprint and plan.

Today, I’m sharing my favorite ways to market my programs:


The first way to market your program is to actually talk about it.

Word of mouth is always your best form of marketing but it only happens when you talk about it!

People KNOW, LIKE & TRUST other people they talk to.

I know – this either seems too simple to you or way too scary.

I get it.

But whenever you’re not marketing your program, you’re actually doing a disservice to your students because how are they going to find out about you? How are they going to know that this program exists? How will they transform their lives unless you tell them?



Your students already KNOW, LIKE & TRUST you. They are your perfect client! So tell them about your workshop or event.

Should you announce before or after class?

I personally announce things after class just because I feel like it’s fresher on someone’s mind. But I know some teachers want their students to leave quietly so maybe announcing it at the end doesn’t feel good for you.

It doesn’t really matter WHEN you announce it in class, but rather that you actually ANNOUNCE it!


There’s a good chance that you created your workshop with a specific person or student in mind. Directly invite that student.

People are typically flattered when you directly invite them.

What are you more likely to attend? A birthday party where someone hands you an invitation and personally invites you? Or a birthday party with a FB invite????

You’d be FLATTERED if someone personally invited you. All you have to say is:

“Hey, I know that you’ve been struggling with your insomnia, so I decided to create a workshop to help you and others are struggling with insomnia. I’d love for you to attend. I think it can be really beneficial for you.”

This shows that you listen to your students and it increases their know, like & trust factor of you.


Collaborate with other businesses who have similar clientele as your target market. If you’re offering a workshop on yoga for grief, reach out to grief counselors and ask to meet. Develop a relationship with the grief counselor and they are more likely to refer you to their clients.

Their clients know, like & trust their counselor. And if the counselor knows, likes and trusts you, they are very likely to attend your event.


I hear a lot of people say that flyers aren’t really important.

I totally disagree.

I have a lot of success with flyers. But I strategically place my flyers where my target audience hangs out.

Identify where your target audience hangs out and hand out some flyers and connect with the business owner.

If you want to offer a workshop on the Chakras stones go to the store where you buy chakra stones and ask if you can hang up a flyer. Genuinely connect with the owner and have a conversation with them. Build know, like & trust with the store owner and they are more likely to recommend your event.


There’s lots of ways to connect on social media. What platforms are you currently connecting with others on?

I do recommend doing some FB posts, some videos, creating an event and more. In our next article, I really dive into social media marketing and how to make the biggest impact on social media!

You can read about all the marketing strategies in the world but none of them matter until you take action.

So get out there fellow yoga teacher and take some action!!



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