Healthy Holiday RecipesThe holidays are here! In my house, food plays a major role in our holiday celebrations.

When I’m faced with a spread of delicious holiday food, maintaining control can be a challenge. Because of this, people often gain weight over the holidays. The solution: I whip up some healthier meals and holiday treats that contain less calories and sugar.

In this blog post, I’ve rounded up some delicious, healthy holiday recipes that are sure to be a hit with your family and friends. Eat healthier during the holidays with these recipes.

Eggplant Ricotta Bites

If you feel like your holiday spread is missing a little bit of color, you might want to add this dish into your holiday meal plan. With a vibrant red from the diced plum tomatoes, snow-like white from the ricotta cheese spread and festive green from the basil, this dish is sure to add some festive hues to your family dinner.

Eggplant ricotta bites may sound fancy, but they’re actually easy to make. Plus, you can serve it as a side dish or an appetizer that your guests can munch on before the regular meal.

Orange-Rosemary Roasted Chicken

Everyone needs room for a little more chicken in their life. Center your meal around this festive and hearty dish. This elegantly roasted chicken will make your holiday dinner unforgettable.

Winter fruit salad

Holiday dinner isn’t complete without desserts. But eating a slice of pie that contains about 800 calories after a heavy meal may not sound like a good idea. Instead of having moist cakes, decadent pies or creamy cheesecakes for dessert, let’s change things up and throw in some fruits onto your holiday menu.

Just like any fruit salad recipe, you are free to add in whatever fruits you want. After all, there are still a lot of fruits in season during the winter. This dish is not only healthy; it also adds gorgeous colors into your table.

Banana bread

Even during the holiday season, breakfast is still the most important meal of the day. Whip up some easy to make banana bread and have it available for guests to eat when they wish. To entice young kids to enjoy this fiber-rich treat, consider adding a handful of dark chocolate chips.