It’s hard to eat healthy over the holidays. In one day you may see more food on the table than you see in a whole week at your house. ┬áTherefore, it’s important to be armed with specific strategies to help you prevent overeating throughout the holidays.

1. Use a smaller plate!

There’s no reason that you have to put huge portions of food on a big plate. The food will still be there in 20 minutes! Save hundreds of calories just by cutting down on your plate size.

2. Eat breakfast & a snack before Thanksgiving.

Don’t go into the giant meal hungry. You will naturally overeat and then wind up feeling stuffed and miserable the rest of the day. Try to eat a few small healthy meals before the Thanksgiving feast.

3. Chew gum while you’re cooking & cleaning.

If you’re a “picker” and you constantly keep eating the food as you cook or clean throw in a piece of gum. Spearmint gum and turkey don’t go well together!

4. Choose your favorites.

Sometimes, there’s so many options on the table that it’s hard to choose what you really want and you naturally over eat because you want “a little of everything.” Avoid overeating by prioritizing your food. If you have chocolate chip cookies available all the time, then don’t waste your calories on the cookies- go for the food that you don’t get to eat often like pumpkin pie. Eat only the things you really LOVE! Let go of the rest.

5. Share with your friends & family!

If you want a piece of pie that’s fine, but do you really want the whole piece or just a bite? Offer to split some of your food with a friend or family member. I guarantee that one person will be willing to share!

6. Weigh yourself every day from now until Jan. 1st.

Typically, American’s will gain 1-2 pounds over the holiday season. Even though they are just a few pounds, they will still take a long time to work off. Check in with your weight daily to manage & maintain your weight over the holidays.