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How much do I charge for a 100-hour yoga immersion????  

What will people pay? 

How much do you charge for each yoga workshop???


Once you’ve created your 100 hour immersion, it’s time to price it!

Pricing is always one of the hardest parts!

Hopefully, you’ve already followed the steps in the last video and broken down your 200-hour yoga teacher training into a 100-hour immersion or created your immersion.

Before you get started…..

Grab my Workshop Pricing Guide. 

To price this, we are going to start big and narrow down.


STEP 1: Price your 200-hour yoga teacher training using the Workshop Pricing Guide. 

You can follow the steps in the workshop pricing guide. If you already have your teacher training price set then excellent! You’re already ahead of the game! 

STEP 2: Cut your 200-hour yoga teacher training price in half and ADD 30% to that price. 

NOTE: I suggest using your 200-hour YTT early bird price for this math!!!

For example, my 200-hour early bird price is $3,150. 

½ of $3,150 = $1,575

30% of $1575 = $473

100-hour immersion = $2,048. I’m going to round that up so it’s $2,050.

If you haven’t created your 200-hour YTT, you can also use the workshop pricing guide to set your workshop price.

STEP 3: Break down your immersion as an hourly rate + 30%. (skip this step if you’re not offering separate workshops). 

I like to set up an hourly rate for each workshop. For example, I’m basically charging $20.50 for each hour of my immersion. Add 30% to this hourly rate.

$2,050 / 100 hrs = $20.50/hr

30% of $20.50 = $6

Hourly rate = $26.50

Each workshop price is based on this hourly rate.

4-hour workshop: $26.50 * 4 hrs = $106

12-hour workshop: $26.50 * 12 hrs = $318


PAUSE: Why are we adding 30% to everything?

Our goal is to encourage people to sign up for the entire immersion, not each individual workshop. 

So, we are offering incentives to our students when they purchase a bigger package. 

If you sign up for the 200-hour yoga teacher training, you’ll SAVE 30%.

If you sign up for the 100-hour immersion, you’ll SAVE 30%!! 

You can still sign up for the individual workshops though if you really only want to do one workshop. 

Make sense? If you’re struggling with this, ask your questions in our Yoga Teacher Talk FB Group. We’d love to help you!

STEP 4: Set your early bird deadlines and rates.

Ya’ll know that I’m a big fan of early bird incentives. As a yoga teacher, I like to know ahead of time how many people are signing up for my program so I can prepare. Plus, most people need some kind of time incentive so they actually take action.

I suggest offering an early-bird incentive for your 100-hour yoga immersion. You can also offer an early bird incentive for your individual workshops if you want.

The amount you offer will be unique for you. 

I suggest at least a 10% discount but it really depends on the program. You just want to offer something that will make people take action!

How does this feel for you?

Are you confused?

If so, either ask your questions in our Yoga Teacher Talk FB Group or hop on a consultation call with me and we can work through this together. 



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